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Carbohydrates List

Carbohydrates are known to be the primary source of energy and fuel for the body required for the smooth functioning of the vital organs. The simple carbohydrates list is usually referred to as the bad carbohydrates list because simple carbohydrates are those that are easily broken down into sugar by the digestive enzymes and are easily absorbed by the body as well. Hence there is a higher chance of simple carbohydrates being converted in fat which is then stored by the body. Simple carbohydrates list includes those foods that are high that are refined and processed and hence lose a lot of their nutritional value and usually provide the body with just empty calories. There are also some natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables that constitute simple carbohydrates such as grapefruit, cherries, apples, and blackberries.

On the other hand the complex carbohydrates list is also referred to as the good carbohydrates list because complex carbohydrates usually take longer to digest and the sugar is also released slowly. This means that the individual trends to feel satiated for a longer period of time and does not over eat. Many complex food carbohydrates also have a high fiber content which is good for the maintenance of overall good health of the body. The food sources of complex carbohydrates are bran, oatmeal, carrots, potatoes, nuts and seeds. These foods are best consumed in their natural form with minimum of no processing. While listing carbohydrates foods, one needs to differentiate between good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates. Good carbohydrates provide the body with optimum nutrition, energy, attractive and healthy appearance and proper organ functioning. These foods also help in lowering the cholesterol levels and eliminating toxins from the body. Bad carbohydrates however are detrimental to ones diet as they tend to sabotage ones weight management goals and overall health. The food sources of carbohydrates which are bad for health are table sugar, chocolates, cakes, and pastries. The four best and highly basics sources of good or complex carbohydrates are lightly cooked or raw vegetables, fresh fruits, legumes, beans, nuts and seeds and whole grains.

One’s dietary carbohydrates list should include plenty of good carbohydrates as they also help in reducing the glycemic levels in the individual which in turn helps in preventing diabetes and keeps the cholesterol at manageable levels. Bad carbohydrates are not recommended for a healthy diet as they usually contain sweeteners, high calorie fats and other preservatives. Food sources of bad carbohydrates include sodas, fruits drinks, processed grains, custards, puddings, candies, and jams. These foods when consumed tend to dramatically increase the insulin levels which in turn causes the pancreas to work over time. Bad carbohydrates also result in heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Many researchers have clearly stated that a healthy diet should consist of almost 60% of complex carbohydrates to meet the nutrient requirements of the body and for smooth muscular contraction and organ functioning. Food carbohydrates are known to provide numerous health benefits. Food sources of carbohydrates such as navy beans, green bananas, whole grain bread etc are rich in resistant starches which in turn are good for colon health. Complex carbohydrates rich diet makes the individual feel full of vigor, energy and enthusiasm ad they are an instant source of energy. Dairy products are also included in the list of good carbohydrates and these include plain yogurt, low fat or non fat milk, and skimmed milk. Many diets nowadays require the individual to cut back on carbohydrates. However this is not a healthy option as a low carbohydrate diet will make one feel tires easily, be listless and also irritable.

Submitted on January 16, 2014