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Diets for Weight Reduction and Slimming Diets

I'm now under the GM (General Motors Diet) diet and this is my third day. I have a party on the weekend, I was wondering if drinking wiskey and mineral water would affect the results of the diet. Please let me how badly can it affect?

GM diet or General Motors diet program is essential for reducing weight up to 10 to 17 lbs per week. This program is carried out for seven days. It is essential for flushing out the toxins that affect your body and enhancing your well being.
This program involves intake of fruits, vegetables, brown rice, beef and milk. You should also drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day during the program.

As you are under the GM diet program there are certain instructions that need to be followed for effective weight loss:

  • GM diet program is a planned program which is designed for reducing the caloric intake. You may need to follow the program judiciously for better results.
  • Under no circumstances you can have alcoholic beverages as these beverages have high calorific value. These beverages add nothing but calories that can affect the program.
  • Intake of alcoholic beverages during the program can off set the intake of healthy foods assigned for that day. This can affect the plan and you may not be able to achieve benefits of the program.
  • You can have white wine but restrict unto two glasses only. Substitute champagne with white wine. Avoid vodka, rum and bourbon that can add only empty calories to the body. You can also have beer but only up to two glasses.
  • You can substitute alcohol with healthier drinks during the party like water flavored with lemon or lime, club soda , black coffee without added  sugar  or cream and black tea. You can have cordials like schnapps occasionally. However you can have only two drinks. Fresh fruit juice is also a healthier option. However you cannot have fruit juice before day seven.
  • You can have vegetable soups in the party. It can be eaten in unlimited amounts. Do not add cream to the soup.

Thus alcohol consumption in the GM diet can add calories in the diet and can interfere in weight reduction. Hence alcohol consumption in the diet is a sure shot even in the party. However after the first week, alcohol can help in digestion and settle your stomach.

During this program, you can have unlimited consumption of fruits and vegetables of your choice. Avoid bananas and potatoes. Vegetables can be consumed in the form of salads with light dressing like garlic, lemon juice or malt. Avoid consumption of beans like lima beans or kidney beans that can add calories to the diet.
Submitted on January 16, 2014