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High cholesterol foods

Given the fact that most of us live very fast paced and stressful lives, its easy to understand why there is a tendency to rely heavily on the ease and convenience of high cholesterol fast foods as one of the primary sources of nutrition that we provide our bodies. However, the damage that these burgers and hot dogs cause is considerable because of the fact that you are denying your body its required amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals – while also boosting the amount of empty calories that do nothing more than add themselves to the layers of fat – leading to obesity. Obesity is a very under-rated condition to suffer from while it is developing and most people only realize the dangers of it once it has developed significantly – thereby also affecting their lives to some substantial effect. A number of conditions develop as a direct result of obesity, some of which are life- threatening. While the more obvious effects that obesity can have on a persons lifestyle include the fact that it substantially affects the aesthetic appeal of an individual, it also causes significant lethargy in movement as well as chronic joint pain and more serious conditions such as respiratory problems and heart failure.
Cholesterol content of the food that you consume is something that one needs to keep an eye on as well and understanding exactly what cholesterol is and what it does will prove to be very important in helping you sort out your diet regime.

Cholesterol is essentially a waxy, fatty substance that is produced by the liver and plays a very important role in the overall health maintenance of the body. cholesterol is found in almost every cell of the body and aids in the production of vitamin D as well as in the production of the digestive juices in the stomach. While cholesterol intake is obviously a very important aspect of ones daily nutrition, consuming excessive amounts of high cholesterol foods such as animal fats will cause your body to produce too much cholesterol and will lead primarily to a blocking of the arteries flowing to your heart – increasing the likelihood of heart failure. Egg yolk, liver, caviar and shrimp are some of the highest cholesterol foods that are regularly consumed and one will notice that most of the higher cholesterol containing foods are primarily animal fats. Because of the many dangers that high cholesterol foods come with, a number of high cholesterol diets have bee developed and practiced all over the world. Lowering ones cholesterol levels is usually one of the primary objectives in most diets because of the belief that if you lower your cholesterol intake by one percent, you simultaneously decrease your chances of heart disease by half. It is also highly recommended that if you haven’t had a cholesterol test in the last 5 years, that you do so as soon as possible because cholesterol problems have a dangerous way of sneaking up on you – causing you to feel perfectly normal while they buildup, but affecting your life considerably once the condition has fully built up. High cholesterol diets, much like any other diet, requires a considerable amount of self restraint and the ability to ignore any temptations that are likely to arise as a result of the many delicious junk foods that are easily available. While following a high cholesterol diet is obviously very important if you are concerned amount your cholesterol count, one should not ignore the role that exercise plays in all of this. Exercising on a regular basis will also help burn off the excess fat layers in the body – considerably improving the effects of the diet.

Submitted on January 16, 2014