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Lowering cholesterol

Because most of us live very hectic and fast paced lives, the tendency for us to indulge and take advantage of the easily accessible and convenience offered by fast food is understandable. However, the kind of damage that most of these high cholesterol foods cause to our bodies is substantial and only come to prominence long after the tendency to consume fast foods has become a habit. Before getting into further analysis of the dangers of improper eating, we must first correctly identify what correct eating comprises of. For proper upkeep and health of the human body, an adequate intake of vitamins, minerals and nutrients are essential. Also essential is the correct amount of calories, however, calories are a very misunderstood term as most people  seem to assume that any kind of caloric content is only going to increase the fat content of the body.
This is not really true as calories are the building blocks of energy and are essential in order to allow a person to carry out some of the tasks over the course of the day. The problem arises when the intake of calories far exceeds the requirement of the body causing the excessive calories to be converted into fat cells and stored within the various cells of the body. The continuous buildup of these fat cells in the body is essentially what causes obesity. While the most obvious drawback of obesity is the effect it has on an individual’s aesthetic appeal, the more serious dangers include heart failure as well as respiratory problems. Moreover, it can cause a significant amount of discomfort to a persons lifestyle because of the fact that it severely affects the individuals ease of movement while also increasing the joint and limb pain that the person is likely to experience.  

Because of the belief that lowering your cholesterol intake by even one percent will reduce your chances of suffering from heart failure by almost half, a lot of people are taking an active interest in lowering their cholesterol levels. Lowering cholesterol, however, is a very important part of leading a healthier and more active life. Some of the more telling symptoms that high cholesterol sufferers are known to show include excessive sweating and uneasiness, generalized fatigue as well as a certain heaviness and pain in the chest areas. A few of the more common causes of high blood cholesterol include excessive smoking and alcohol consumption, eating foods that are primarily high in cholesterol content as well as the obvious hereditary influences.

Because of the fact that the impact of high cholesterol levels is experienced all over the world, there are a number of methods that have been developed to help lower cholesterol naturally. Some of the more effective methods include adding a single teaspoon of honey and another teaspoon of lime juice to a single cup of hot water. Consuming this combination every morning is likely to play an active role in lowering your cholesterol levels. A high intake of onion is also known to be very beneficial when it comes to lowering your cholesterol levels while sufficient exercise should not be ignored in order to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Garlic is another prominent member of the lowering cholesterol foods group as is honey and onion – which is why they are included in a number of lowering cholesterol naturally plans and methods. If you are looking for lowering cholesterol through medication, it is best to approach your heath care expert or doctor for advice on not only the medications available in your geographical location, but also ones that do not pose any threat to your overall health by way of allergies or other reactions.

Submitted on January 16, 2014