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VITAMIN E (TOCOPHEROL) – The Anti-Ageing Factor

Vitamin E or Tocopherols are readily soluble in fat solvents. Chlorine or chlorinated water, iron compounds and estrogen can interfere or destroy Vitamin E in the body. Vitamin E in the diet is absorbed from the gastro-intestinal tract. This is stored in all the tissues and so deficiency of this vitamin is ward off for long periods.

Functions in the Body
Vitamin E is necessary for fertility, physical vigor and reproductory functions. It prevents the destruction of fat-soluble vitamins, sex hormones and unsaturated fatty acids in the body by oxygen.

The main function of Vitamin E is to help protect the intracellular process and functioning of the cells.

It prevents the formation of excessive scar and in some cases even fades unwanted scars. In the prevention of arthritis , asthma, heart disease and many other conditions, Vitamin E is found very useful. It also promotes urine secretion. The blood capillaries are dilated by Vitamin E, and this allows blood to flow freely into blood deficient muscle tissue. It prevents formation of blood clots by dissolving them. It does not however interfere with the normal clotting of the blood.

Green leafy vegetables, fruits and meat provide only small quantities of this vitamin. Cold –pressed crude vegetable oils specially safflower, soybean, sunflower seeds and wheat germ are the richest sources of Vitamin E. The other moderate sources are butter, eggs, raw or sprouted seeds and grains – especially whole wheat.

Deficiency Symptoms
Abortions, male or female sterility, muscular and reproductive disorders are the results of prolonged deficiency. Loss of sexual potency may also be the results of the deficiency. It may also cause degenerative changes in the blood capillaries, which can further lead to brain stroke, heart and lung disease.

Healing and Therapeutic Properties
In the treatment of several disorders Vitamin E has been found very useful. Some of them are –

1. Abortion and Congenital Anomalies – Habitual abortion can be prevented with the aide of Vitamin E. When a woman who has given birth to anomalous infant earlier, finds that she is carrying again, she should be given a diet that is rich in Vitamin E, along with calcium, iron and protein. This provides protection against infant anomalies and mortalities. Males whose spermatozoa number has fallen in count due to excessive use of tobacco, malnutrition, stress and sedentary lifestyle can be administered doses of Vitamin E, to prevent congenital anomalies.
2. Dysmenorrhoea – During painful menses administering daily dose of Vitamin E during the menstrual period can reduce the pain considerably.
3. Heart Disease – Walls of the blood vessels can be strengthened and clotting of blood inside the walls can be decreased by taking sufficient quantity of Vitamin E. This further reduces risks of heart attacks due to blood clotting. Many deaths from heart attack are due to lack of oxygen. When sufficient Vitamin E is given, much less of heart tissue is destroyed and a patient may survive a very fatal attack. Vitamin E reduces the need for oxygen and hence is very important for people with heart disease.
4. Menopause – During the cessation of the menstrual cycle due to ageing, a woman faces severe tension and psychological problems. She will experience great relief from hot flushes, mental tension, sleeplessness and other symptoms if Vitamin E is administered daily for a month.
5. Old Age – During Old age due to biochemical changes in the tissues people feel weak and tired. Vitamin E however contributes towards a healthy old age. If taken on a regular basis one feels strong and fresh.
6. Sterility – If Vitamin E is given daily it helps in the prevention of male sterility. Administering large doses of Vitamin E have been helpful for sterile females to conceive.
7. Varicose Veins – It occurs due to frequent blood clots. When Vitamin E was administered, formation of the clots stopped and the veins became dilated and blood could flow easily.

There are no toxic side effects even after the administration of single doses.

Submitted on January 16, 2014