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VITAMINS THAT HEAL                      
Natural Immunity For Better Health

 Vitamins For Healthy Living
There are about 50 vitamins, minerals and amino acids that keep us healthy and fit and prolong life. Our body needs only meager amounts of these. The body manufactures these but not in sufficient quantity, this can be compensated through our diets and supplements. Right kind of food promotes health and the wrong kind can promote only disease.

Vitamins are effective when they are combined with carbohydrates, fats and proteins. They help in the formation of bone and tissue, to fight infections and maintain body’s natural immune system.

Vitamins can be broadly classified into 2 categories;

1. Fat Soluble Vitamins A, D, E and K, which are not destroyed by ordinary cooking methods and can be stored in the body to some extent, mostly in the liver.

2. Water Soluble Vitamins B Complex and C. They have to be taken with food, as they cannot be stored in the body. Extra quantity taken any day is thrown out of the body.

Therapeutically, vitamins are used to treat disease or to correct deficiencies. Large doses of vitamins (than the required quantity) when consumed heal a wide range of illnesses and common ailments. Besides vitamin therapy is non-toxic and safe.

For centuries now, people have been using vitamins for healing purposes, either as a supplement to traditional treatment, or in combination with natural remedies. Vitamins can be described as molecules that contain carbon, which can create several different chemical reactions, within the body. Hence, vitamins can help facilitate the formation of healthy cells. There are two main types of vitamins that can be found, the first type is the water soluble vitamins and the second type is the fat soluble variety. There are certain vitamins that are produced in the body, whereas others may be present in different types of foods. Each type of vitamins can bring about a different reaction in the body, which is why vitamins for healing should be taken very carefully. Given below is a list of vitamins that heal different types of ailments.

Vitamins for bone healing

When bones are fractured or are damaged in any way, it is natural for them to heal on their own. In most healthy people, a fracture gets repaired within a period of 6 weeks or so. Proper nutrition is one of the main factors that influence the speed at which the bone repairs itself. Hence, it is essential for people to increase their intake of certain vitamins at this time. Some of the vitamins for healing bone related problems include:

• Vitamin D: It enhances the absorption of calcium into the bloodstream, from the intestines.
• Vitamin A: It promotes bone growth and is an essential nutrient for the good health of bones
• Vitamin C: It manufactures collagen, which helps heal broken bones
• Vitamin K: It bind the calcium to the protein in the bones, thereby increasing their strength

Vitamins for healing after surgery

Most patients are put on a multi vitamin supplement after they undergo a surgical process. Some of the vitamins for healing after surgery include:

• Vitamin A: It helps in repairing the tissues in the body faster and is required for the proper utilization of protein.
• Vitamin C: After a surgery, patients are at a high risk for inflammation and infections. This risk can be minimized with the help of Vitamin C, as it boosts the immune system.
• Vitamin E: Most surgeries involve an incision, which can be healed faster, through the application of Vitamin E oil.
• Vitamin K: Since this vitamin is essential for blood clotting, all patients are advised to have it after surgery, in order to minimize their risks of bleeding excessively.

Vitamins for healing wounds

One of the most important vitamins to heal wounds is Vitamin C, as it helps the bodily tissues to heal faster. However, in order to initiate the healing process, the body needs to have an adequate amount of Vitamin K too. In case of wounds that are visible on the skin, Vitamin E oil should be applied, as they are the most effective vitamins for healing skin wounds. In fact, this vitamin is one of the most important vitamins to heal skin disorders of most kinds.

Before using any vitamins for healing purpose, it is very important to speak to a doctor and get an approval.

Submitted on January 16, 2014