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Calcium Burns Fat And Builds Bones

People who drink 2glasses of skim milk or eat 2cups of yogurt or one serving of cheese per day can lose around 1 pound per month. Calcium present in these dairy products promotes build up of more muscle tissue and burns stored fat. Also the protein in these dairy products replaces the fat stored in the fat cells by providing extra protein.

Calcium blocks fat storage in the cells that add extra pounds to your abdomen, hips and thighs. Low-fat and non-fat products also contain the same nutrients as whole milk, except the fat. Calcium is very essential for the formation and maintenance of healthy bones.

If you are between 2-45 years, you need 500-750mg of calcium daily and if you are over 45years you need 1,000-1,200mg. Besides dairy products, cereals, soymilk, orange juice, canned sardines with bones are rich in calcium. And for the proper absorption of calcium you need sufficient Vitamin D, which is provided by sunlight, Vitamin C and K are also essential to keep the bones healthy. Carbonated beverages, alcohol and extremely low calorie diets lead to thinning of bones.

A high calcium diet combined with walking and weight bearing exercises helps lose weight easily, firm up your figure, shape up your muscles and help keep your bones strong and healthy.

Calcium for Bones

Many a times people tend to follow some newfangled diet which may be depriving the bones of various essential nutrients and thereby increasing the chances of one suffering from osteoporosis. Although such diets may lure one with the promise of weight loss, usually it is observed that important minerals such as calcium a remising from the menu of such diets which results in bone loss in the long run. There has in fact been plenty of studies and research nowadays that shows that calcium burns fat and builds bones as well and hence is not just good for ones bones but also helps one in maintaining a healthy low fat diet. Calcium is known to burn fats which are observed during high calcium diets which tend to prefer the burning of fat rather than storing it. This occurs because fats cells tend to also have some calcium stored in them. IT has been observed that calcium not only helps one in maintaining the body weight but also aids in decreasing ones weight. Calcium for bones is also essential as it is required in maintaining the necessary levels of bone mass and also helps in supporting the structure of the body on the whole.

Besides figuring out as to why is calcium important for bones one should also know that calcium is being constantly used by the body for the muscles, nerves, blood and the heart.  The body tends to lose calcium through various normal body processes such as shedding of hair, skin, fingernails and even sweat. Calcium for strong bones is essential as if the individual’s diet does not include a sufficient amount of calcium then the body will obtain the calcium from the bones thereby weakening them. Calcium is very important for string bones especially in children and teenagers so as to promote the development of bone mass and bones. One can maintain strong bones by drinking or eating the recommended amount of calcium rich foods, consuming those foods that allow the maximum absorption of calcium from ones gut etc. Some of the natural sources of calcium are dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, beans and peas, fish like sardines and salmons and also dark green leafy vegetable such as kale, broccoli and spinach. There are also certain vitamins and nutrients that help in the absorption of calcium for strong, sodium and chloride as well as phosphoric acid.


Submitted on November 12, 2010