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Diet chart for overweight teenagers:

I am 17 years old girl 81kgs, 5'5 and I do a 5kms walk daily can I please get a diet chart?

Hi, You seem to be really panic stricken. Do not get panicky. There is nothing in the world that is difficult. You can also reduce your extra weight, provided, you really strive for it. You have to reduce your weight by twelve to fourteen kilograms.

Teen obesity is a problem, which is handled carefully, especially with your cooperation. Do not go on a crash diet. This would be my first recommendation. Avoid skipping meals, especially breakfast. Skipping meals increases the hunger pangs by the end of the day.

A crash diet might bring down your weight in the initial stages, though it results in future complications and weight gain. Make slight changes in your diet and exercise pattern. Do you workout? You go for a walk, which is good enough. But what is the pace at which you walk? A brisk walk or jog proves beneficial. A casual walk fails to have any impact on your weight. Swimming is yet another exercise that you might try. Weight training exercises also prove effective, in conjunction with cardio vascular exercises.

Diet is something that needs a lot of scrutiny. You have not mentioned your dietary pattern. I shall put a few important points across. Try incorporating the same in your regular diet, to see, if it really works!  To start with, increase your three meal diet pattern to five or six meal pattern. Calorie reduction is the only way to go about it. Though you increase the number of meals, the quantity of calories should be less. This is done by opting for low cal foods. High fiber foods come really handy in such situations. Fruits and vegetables, such as oranges, apples, cherry tomatoes, and baby carrots prove highly satiable for snack time. Do not eat desserts, as they are loaded with fats and sugar. Opt for low calorie desserts such as fruit salads and so on. 

Do not splurge on junk foods and try these. Pizzas, burgers, potato chips are loaded with saturated fat and cholesterol. They are high calorie foods which provide double or more of your requirement. Carbonated beverages or fizzy drinks provide empty calories, thereby increasing your intake. They fail to provide any nutrients. Opt for fresh fruit juice, coconut water and so on. Hit the gym, as treadmill helps in weight loss. Do not try out weight loss supplements, as they tend to have certain side effects. They also prove to have harmful effects.

Submitted on January 16, 2014