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Overcome Diet Plateau

There comes a phase in Diet-Plan where you cannot lose any-more weight, no matter how hard you try. This is the plateau-period, which may dishearten and force you to abandon your efforts. The only way out of this period is to increase your aerobic exercise and start strength training activity. Aerobic exercises like walking burn extra calories that you cannot possibly lose by dieting alone. For example walking 20mins a day burns unwanted fat calories and improves cardiovascular fitness.
In 4-6 weeks time you will see that those stubborn pounds have reduced.

If you include strength-training exercises with your aerobic activity, you will begin to build muscle mass that increases BMR. And this additional lean muscle mass that you developed will help you burn calories at a faster rate even when you are resting. So you can beat the Diet Plateau by following a healthy diet, walking (aerobic exercise) and easy strength-training exercises.

Walk It Off-
If you walk regularly you lose unwanted pounds and can keep off weight permanently. The fitness benefits are similar to a gym’s. The bonus, of regular walking is that even after you stop walking the body continues to burn fat and calories for many hours, even when you are sleeping. This is due to the increase in BMR that occurs after you have walked daily.

It takes time for metabolic rate to slow down after exercise. So you can eat extra calories after walking without actually gaining weight. And before the metabolic rate slows down you will be walking again, later the same day or next day. So there is very less chance of rebound weight gain. Physical activity suppresses appetite, so less-calories are consumed and there is no weight gain. As extra calories are burnt energy level is boosted and you will want to continue your aerobic exercise on a daily basis.
Submitted on January 16, 2014