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Weight Scale for People : Lose That Unwanted Weight

When you are on a diet, you lose weight initially. But after certain time there is not much weight-loss, even though you are still eating the same stuff. This period is called plateau period and it is temporary adjustment of the body’s metabolism to initial weight loss. So don’t get frustrated as this hazardous period lasts only for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile don’t indulge yourself into binging as you may gain weight back.

Weight Reduction Psychology

Secondly, weighing yourself daily will only produce negative thoughts. Because when you weigh yourself daily-initially and see that you are losing weight you become happy and subconsciously to celebrate, you will eat. Secondly if you realize that you are not losing weight as fast as initially, you become anxious and depressed and eat due to frustration. So weigh yourself only once a week. If you can stick out this plateau period, you will be surprised to see that weight-loss begins to pick up speed again. If you are patient you will continue to lose that unwanted weight.


Healthy weight reduction


Given the fact that obesity is a growing concern all over the world, causing significant complications to an affected individual’s quality of life, a lot of people are adapting their lifestyles to be healthier. A lot of the blame for the explosion of obesity lies with the fact that most of us consume fast food as a part of our daily diet. While the burgers and hotdogs are obviously very tasty, they provide absolutely no nutritional value to the human body and are simply crammed with a lot of empty calories that do nothing else then add to the fat layers within the body. Moreover, with the advancement of technology and computers, the amount of physical labor that needs to be performed in the daily course of our lives is significantly reduced – resulting in a lack of exercise required by the body to burn off the addition weight.

There are many methods of fast weight reduction that are available – but the effectiveness of each of them will depend on  a number of factors such as the individual will power, metabolic rates and even how strenuously the individual follows the diet plan and exercise regime. While there is always the option of choosing to lose weight either through a diet or an exercise plan, the more effective method is to perform both, simultaneously. Simply attempting fast weight reduction is not a good idea if not enough attention has been paid to healthy weight reduction. Most crash diets, which are supposed to be the best methods of fast weight reduction, are actually quite harmful to the human body if carried out over an extensive period.

Some of the more highly regarded fast weight loss methods include making a habit of walking when your final destination is relatively a short distance away. Our reliance on automobiles is a significant part of why our body is not able to burn enough excess weight. Using skimmed milk that is high in calcium and low in calories for food preparations and coffee is one of the best ways to lose weight fast. While fruit juices are highly regarded for the health benefits they provide eating the actual fruit is known to be a better option. Instead of consuming 3 large meals over the course of the day, switch to 6 smaller meals during the day as this also helps boost your metabolism. Moreover, it also causes the body to release less insulin – causing your blood sugar to be steady and control hunger pangs.


Submitted on January 16, 2014