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Weight Gain in Women during stress and fatigue

Women gain weight easily due to certain factors, such as marriage, boredom, stress, fatigue, child birth and decrease in sedentary activity. Boredom associated with lack of occupation, sitting idle and so on results in a lot of stress. Eating something or nibbling relieves the stress and is very soothing. Opting for alcoholic beverages, as a result of stress and boredom is also common. Stress is due to any particular problem faced by the individual or due to general fatigue with respect to life.

A stressful environment has a great impact on weight gain.

Intake of high fat and junk foods is associated with stress and boredom. Irregular eating pattern, starvation and eating at odd times is also a part of stress. Pregnancy and child birth is always associated with weight gain. A lot of celebrities have also undergone the same and maintain the weight, in spite of child birth. Nutrition metabolism goes hay wire after and during pregnancy.

Getting married is yet another contributing factor for weight gain in women. The natural metabolism goes for a toss, due to the associated happiness. Many women are careful about their figure, till marriage. In the early years of marriage, candle light dinner, eating out and so on is common, thereby laying lesser emphasis on the calories consumed. Marriage also reduces the activity levels, especially in non working women. Women also fail to stick on to regular eating habits. They eat at irregular eating habits and eat all the left over and junk many times. Weight gain in women is also common during menopause. Weight gain in the abdominal region is seen in women approaching menopause or those in peri menopause.

Teenage is associated with a healthy body which speed up metabolism and the related processes. Ageing delays the metabolism in a natural manner. This is due to the increase in fat tissues and decrease in the muscle mass. Decrease in muscle mass is associated with decrease in the basal metabolic rate or the BMR. Metabolism diet comprises of foods that helps to burn the calories are based on the chemical composition, age and sex of the individual. Metabolism foods or foods that boost the metabolic process prove beneficial.

Some women fail to lift weights or hit the gym, as they associate these things to be masculine. Weight loss is possible with cardiovascular exercises, in conjunction with weight training exercises. Heading to the treadmill alone fails to help. 

A woman's metabolism is slow compared to men, and so fat is burnt at a slower rate and they gain weight easily. Women should thereby exercise regularly to burn calories.

Women also take longer to digest food then men. Due to the slower production of certain digestive enzymes, women metabolize alcohol, fat and certain medications at a slower rate. So the inability to digest and metabolize fat quickly, in a woman’s diet causes her to gain weight.

Low carbohydrate diets which are essentially high fat diets, make it more difficult for women to lose weight and in particular to keep the weight off.
Submitted on October 18, 2013