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Apple For Weight Loss

There is a very old adage—an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. This is completely true. Apple is one of the healthiest foods available commercially. Unfortunately, there are only a very few varieties of them sold in the markets. There are many more varieties of apples than you may have tasted, and each of these is full of healthful goodness.
Apart from their other health benefits, you can also use apple for weight loss. There are a lot of ways in which you can practice an apple diet for losing weight. Since they are packed with nutrition, using them for your diet plans ensures that you lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner. So are you thinking about how apple benefits in weight reduction? If you use apple to lose weight, weight loss can become pleasurable. They are low in calories and contain no fat, but they are also rich in fiber, which makes it easier for you to lose weight. Apart from that, they are low in sodium and prevent water retention in the body. Since apple contains no fats, consuming them regularly keeps your calorie intake low. The vitamins improve your health and vitality and keep you full of energy. High levels of energy means that you can exercise more or stay active for longer, thus burning off more of your calories and speeding up your weight loss efforts. Apart from preventing weight gain, you can also use apple to burn fat efficiently. Apples can be used for healthy eating, and your doctor or dietitian can recommend a healthy apple intake for weight loss. Since the health benefits of apple are many, it is most likely that you will be required to consume several portions of the fruit throughout the day. Since the calorie content in apple is low and it is low in sugar as well, you can even drink apple juice for health. The fruit even contains healthy enzymes that promote your health and keep you young and disease free. You can also consult your dietitian to find out about the types of apple for weight loss and the precautions while consuming apple.

How Apple Benefits In Weight Reduction    

Apart from its many other benefits, apple benefits in weight reduction as well. There are some fruits which are considered healthier than apple. However, it is the combination of nutrients that make apples as beneficial as they are. Apples are a good source of antioxidants, which help remove free radicals from the blood and improve metabolism. The high amount of roughage in apples allows them to improve basal metabolism rate, helping you lose weight faster. The roughage also has a high satiety value, and if you consume an apple before your meal, it will help suppress your appetite so you eat less. The enzymes present in apples help them lower cholesterol levels naturally and bind bile acids to make metabolism of fats much easier. They also slow down the absorption of carbohydrates, and therefore help prevent rapid weight gain. Another little known fact about apples is that they promote production of saliva and help in the digestion of foods right in the mouth, therefore aiding in weight loss. More on health benefits of apples

Types Of Apples For Losing Weight

Different kinds of apples have different weight loss benefits. You can ask your doctor for specific types of apples for weight loss. In the United States of America, you can get several types of apples commercially. Braeburn is the most commonly found all-purpose apple. You can eat it raw, or even use it in cooking. Some apples that are great as snacking options include the Empire, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith apples. All of these apples have their individual benefits, but are also high in fiber and other nutrients. Almost all of these apples are great for weight loss and can be consumed in between snacks to promote healthy eating and sustainable weight loss. These apples are also available at various seasons through the year, so that you can have a fresh supply throughout the year regardless of the season.

Precautions while consuming apple:   

While they are extremely healthy for you, it is best if you use certain precautions while consuming apples. Apples are best consumed in between meals as snacks. However, if you want to replace your meals with them, consume them with a glass of warm milk. Consume a maximum of three servings in a day if you can. More than that would make your metabolism used to the apples, and change its rate accordingly. It is best to consume apples in their whole form. While apple juice is also extremely healthy and nutritious, it does not contain fiber that is a fundamental part of its weight loss properties. Also, try and avoid peeling the skin off the apples as that can rob the fruit off its nutrition. Cut the apple and remove its core before eating. If you cannot chew raw apples, cut them into small pieces before you consume them.

Submitted on January 16, 2014