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Avoid Diet Aids and Supplements

Pills, herbs, powders, drinks and dietary supplements that contain compounds of ephedra or Chinese herb Ma Huang are dangerous to health. They make false claims of aiding weight loss, increasing energy and improving athletic performance. They are food dyes, starch fillers and combination of herbs that are mixed with vitamins and minerals.    
The side effects associated with Ephedra and similar compounds include increased B.P. and heart rate, insomnia, dementia, psychosis, uterine contraction, heart ailments and dizziness and in severe cases even death.

Compounds that contain Ephedra are – Ephedrine, Ma Huang, Natural Ecstasy, Pinellia, Sea Grape, and Sida Cord folia, Yellow Astringent, Yellow Horse and Zhong Ma Huang.

Dietary Aids that claim that they are “fat builders” and “muscle builders” are bogus. They contain substances that can damage kidneys, have laxative-effect contain caffeine that causes diarrhea, insomnia, nervousness, sweating and anxiety.

In other words there is no safe diet-pills.

Weight loss diet aids:

Anyone who has excessive weight wants to shed it off and it is not rare to hear about someone who uses different weight loss

diet aids to hasten the pace at which the weight is lost. While most weight loss experts advice people to concentrate on a

healthy weight loss diet accompanied with proper exercise, there are many who rely on weight loss pills and other such

medications which also claim to reduce weight fast.

There are various weight loss diet aids and supplements that can help combat obesity. Yet each of them has its own advantages

and disadvantages. While some of them may work and help you achieve your goal of becoming thin faster, they may work

differently on different bodies. It is best to discuss the use of any such weight loss diet aids with a physician or a weight

loss expert before you begin using these aids on your own.

Here are some popularly used weight loss diet aids that people use. Most of these diet aids work, but may also have serious

adverse effects on the person who is using them.

•   Ephedrine: Ephedrine is a weight loss diet supplement and is extensively used in combating obesity. Ephedrine is known to

have very serious and severe side effects and the products containing ephedrine should only be consumed under the supervision

of qualified doctors. If you are planning to consume these supplements, do discuss their use with your doctor before you

consume them.
•   Weight loss pills: there are many different kinds of weight loss pills that are doing the circuits commercially. FDA

usually warns people to avoid such weight loss pills as they often have very harmful chemicals that can cause more damage

than good. The best way to lose weight is to consume a balance diet and exercise so that one can avoid taking harmful weight

loss pills.
•   Green Tea: there are a variety of green teas which are effective weight loss diet aids. Green tea is also available in

the form of pills and these pills are made of natural ingredients and therefore are considered safe.

Some of the other popular weight loss diet aids are ephedrine pills and low carb diet pills. These pills claim to help reduce

a person’s weight. However, like all chemical preparations, these pills too have several side effects and therefore their use

should be discussed with a doctor. The best way to lose weight is still a well balanced diet along with regular exercise.

Submitted on January 16, 2014