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Beauty Benefits of Walking

Walking regularly improves digestion, circulation, night’s sleep, eases tension and stress lines around the eyes disappear. It improves posture, figure and complexion. Acne problems are also reduced due to increased blood circulation. Muscles get toned and become firm. Stomach flattens, calves and thighs become trim, and buttock muscles become proportionate.
Dry hair becomes glossier and healthier.

The following physical and physiological effects will be noted after you have been on walking diet for about 6weeks.
  1. The abdominal muscles become firm due to walking and they will support the intra-abdominal contents, which will give the appearance and reality of a flatter stomach.
  2. The thighs become slender due to leg strengthening and loss of fat from the muscles of inner and outer thighs.
  3. The large buttocks muscle contracts and draws the buttocks higher and give them a firmer appearance.
  4. Breasts appear larger and firmer because the pectoral muscles of the chest lift the breast.
  5. The fat loss from the fleshy part of the upper arm (that includes biceps and triceps) and muscle toning, combine to give a shapelier, firmer arm.
  6. The efficiency of heart and lungs is improved by aerobic training and adds more energy to your day.
  7. Walking program if continued improves physical fitness and stamina.
  8. B.P. is lowered and overall blood circulation is improved because the heart muscles pump blood more efficiently.
  9. There is no need of sedatives or tranquilizers when you are into regular walking because it aids sleep.
  10. Walking burns calories and fats, which aids in weight loss and weight maintenance forever.
Submitted on January 16, 2014