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Diet chart makes weight loss a healthy process:

I am a female, my height is 4feet 9inches and weight 62kilograms, we need a diet chart to reduce weight

According to your height your weight should be approximately 40 kg, so you are around 22 kg overweight. Your body mass index (BMI) according to your height and weight is 29.6 which categorize you as being overweight. Just a slight increase in your BMI (30 or above) will make you fall under the category of obese. Being obese or overweight puts you at a risk for multiple health diseases thus it is very important to lose weight. Weight loss should be a gradual process with a combination of diet and exercise.

For a detailed diet chart for weight loss you will need to consult a registered dietician; however you can try the following tips to lose weight mentioned below -

  1. Make weight loss a healthy process; never starve yourself to lose weight. Have at least three healthy meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you feel hungry in between these three meals then you can choose healthy snack options like whole fresh fruits and salads.
  2. Breakfast is the main meal, don't skip it. You can have a cup of fat free milk with some fiber enriched cereals along with a fruit. Some fruits are high in carbohydrates and when eaten in more amounts can prevent weight loss, so it would be wise to include these fruits in moderation. These fruits include mangoes, custard apple, banana, sapota and grapes.
  3. Drink a glass full of water before your main meals or before you feel hungry as this will help to suppress your appetite and thus decrease food consumption. Many a times when you are hungry, the body is actually thirsty, so learn to make correct sensations.
  4. Before starting your meals have one full bowl of raw fresh vegetable salad. This will not only help to add natural fiber in your diet but will also help to prevent binging in your meals.
  5. Avoid consuming refines foods, processed foods, canned foods, junk foods, oily/fried foods, carbonated drinks, sodas, colas, sweets, bakery foods, chocolates and ice creams as these will provide extra unhealthy calories to your body that is responsible for weight gain.
  6. Choose healthier options like whole grain cereals and its products, pulses, beans, sprouts, fat free dairy products, eggs, lean cuts of poultry and fish in your diet.
  7. Besides these diet modifications a regular physical activity for at least 30-40 minutes a day is essential to lose weight. A simple exercise like brisk walk will also help.
Submitted on January 16, 2014