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Diet Plan to reduce weight:

My weight is 78kgs and height is 5.5feet, I do aerobics and yoga for 3 days in a week, could you please send me a diet plan to reduce weight?

Including yoga and aerobic exercises in your lifestyle is a positive attitude to lose weight. For a precise diet plan I will need to know many other details about you like your sex, age, likes and dislikes, lifestyle, current food intake, medical history and level of physical activity besides yoga and aerobics. Without these details it is not possible to give a diet plan, as all the diet plans are individualized and required some level of information about the person. However according to your height your ideal body weight should be around 60 kg if you are a women and around 65 kg if you are a man. If you want to make weight loss a healthy process then you should always follow a balance of both diet and exercise.

Exercise will not only help you to burn those extra calories but also provide a feeling of activeness. I would like to add some minor changes in your current exercise schedule. Yoga and aerobics will definitely work towards weight loss and yoga especially will make you more divine. However yoga won't help to burn off excess calories which are required for actual weight loss. Along with the yoga and aerobics you need other simple exercises like brisk walking, swimming or cycling for other 3 days. A simple exercise like brisk walk when you do for the remaining 3 days will help you to lose weight effectively. But don't forget that any activity you perform that is aerobics, walking or yoga you need to continue the activity for more than 40 minutes. This is because our actual fat burning process only starts after 20 minutes of a continuous activity. If you stop an activity by 20-25 minutes then you will feel hungrier after that as the carbohydrates are burned and ultimately you may binge after that activity which will never serve the purpose. Now along with this physical activity try to include healthy balanced diet which is low in fat. For this include more of complex carbohydrates in the form of whole grains cereals and its products, sprouts, pulses, beans, variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Proteins can be derived from low-fat or fat-free dairy products, egg whites, lean poultry and fish. Keep the intake of fried foods, oily foods, junk foods, refined foods, processed foods, meat, fried sausages, shelled fish, organ meats and bakery foods at the minimum. Also avoid consumption of carbonated beverages, colas, sodas, butter, oil and sugar as they add empty calories to the diet without providing any other significant nutrients. To keep a tract of the activity level and food intake you can even maintain a food log dairy.

Submitted on January 16, 2014