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Fat Fighting Facts

  1. Firstly dine at home to the maximum, because obesity seems to be associated with meals eaten at restaurants, probably because the meals are over sized.
  2. Small frequent meals, prevents you from overeating and keeps your body fueled throughout the day.
  3. Compulsorily eat 3 servings of fruits and vegetables. Also add them to any food that doesn’t come with fruits or vegetables, like pancakes, waffles, salad, sandwich and pizzas.
  4. Check the number of calories present in each serving size and other necessary details on the labels before buying packaged foods.
  5. Skipping breakfast is unhealthy. You may later crave for mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks like dough nuts and muffins.
  6. You have to eat in moderation to lose weight. Avoid keeping over sized bowls and plates at home, which may hold larger portions. Pause during a meal to find out if you are actually full.
  7. Sweetened soft drinks, sodas, iced teas, cappuccinos, juices, energy drinks, all contain loads of sugar and calories.
    These drinks’ are unhealthy and elevates blood sugar and insulin levels.
  8. Exercise to burn more calories than you eat – Working in the garden, climbing the stairs, 30mins walk everyday, riding a bike, cleaning the house is sufficient to help you burn calories.

Fight fat and win

There are plenty of ways to fight fat and win that too any making simple modifications in ones diet and lifestyle. One of the ways to know and practice how to fight fat and win is to include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in ones daily diet. It has been observed that food sthat have gone through a lot of processing and fatty foods are the main culprits behind one being overweight on account of accumulation of fat. Hence one of the fat fighting facts is to replace such foods with vegetables and fruits. While choosing the vegetables and fruits to consume one should preferably moderate the intake of vegetables like potatoes that tend to have a high starch content and even avocadoes that are known to be very fatty. Another on of the fat fighting facts is to ensure that water forms a  vital part of ones daily diet and one should have t least eight to ten glasses of clean drinking water everyday as water is required to keep the body hydrated and also to flush away the harmful toxins from the body.

Another one of the fat fighting facts is to ensure that on does not skip breakfast as it is known to be the most important meal of the day and is also responsible in influencing ones appetite during the rest of the day. In addition to helping one fight fat and win having a healthy and filling breakfast is also required to keep ones blood sugar under control. One should try and incorporate bran and whole grain cereal sin ones daily breakfast rather than the commercially available sugary breakfast options. Many a times people tend to literally go onto starvation made in order to fight fat however one should avoid doing so as it has been observed that such diets make it even more difficult to fight fat. Instead fat fighting facts will always guide an individual to reduce the size of their usual portion but never to starve themselves completely as the body requires a certain amount of fats and other essential minerals and vitamins to function properly. Another one of the important fat fighting facts is to exercise regularly and in doing so one should try and include both resistance exercises as well as cardiovascular exercises. Resistance exercises are considered important to fight fat and win as they help in building and strengthening muscle tissue which in turn burns calories.


Submitted on January 16, 2014