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Grapefruit For Weight Loss

Fruits have always been considered to be healthy foods, ideal for weight loss. If you are planning to lose weight, you may consider including more fruits for weight reduction in your everyday diet. Grapefruit, one of the richest sources of vitamin C, is an ideal choice for weight loss. You may use grapefruit for weight loss by consuming several portions of it through the day. They are ideally consumed between meals, but you may also choose to consume them in lieu of your regular meals.
Contrary to popular belief, grapefruit is not a low-calorie fruit. It does contain some calories and does not have any abilities to burn fat. However, it is rich in vitamin C and contains a lot of soluble fiber that helps increase your body’s basal metabolic rate (BMR). Once your BMR increases, you can burn more calories even without significantly changing your dietary patterns and your exercise routine. A lot of dietitians recommend the grapefruit diet for losing weight, but there are contradicting opinions about whether the fruit does have desired effects on weight loss. Though grapefruit is very delicious and filling and it does have a lot of nutrition, it does not have as many weight loss benefits as it is believed to have. So although you cannot use grapefruit to burn fat, you could attempt eating grapefruit to lose weight. The resultant weight loss would be slower than otherwise marketed by proponents of the grapefruit diet. Since grapefruit tastes a little tart, it is not something that everyone enjoys. Yet, including it in your fruit salads and other healthy snacks can improve your nutritional status, while aiding in your other weight loss efforts. Simply consuming grapefruit without making any other dietary changes or increasing the intensity of your exercise will not help your weight loss strategies much.

How Grapefruit Benefits In Weight Reduction

A study performed over a period of 12 weeks has shown that consuming only half a grapefruit with each meal can help you lose about 3.6 pounds over a period of 12 weeks. Health benefits of grapefruit juice thrice a day can also help you lose weight, albeit a little less than what you would have if you consumed the whole fruit. For years, grapefruit has been considered a fruit that can help improve weight loss. However, studies have given mixed results regarding grapefruit benefits in weight reduction. Most of the results that the study showed were possible only when the intensity of physical exercise was increased slightly. However, no dietary changes were made. The study also indicates that grapefruit reduce production of insulin, which is vital in weight management. The chemical properties of grapefruit stimulate the pancreas and help them regulate the amount of insulin released into the blood stream. Immediately after a meal, the insulin levels spike and slow the body’s ability to metabolize food. Since grapefruits decrease insulin production immediately after a meal, your body is able to metabolize food in a better manner. Grapefruit, like lemon and limes, can also help satiate you more fully. The high fiber content and the high amount of vitamin C can cause grapefruits to suppress your appetite. So, if you consume even half a grapefruit before your meal, it can effectively decrease your appetite so that you do not over eat. The soluble fiber in the grapefruits also keeps you full for longer, therefore suppressing food cravings and hunger in between meals. Due to all these properties of the grapefruit, scientists have concluded that grapefruits can indeed be used for weight loss measures. With the right quantities of the fruit interspersed through your meals and a regular workout routine, you will be able to lose weight in an efficient, healthy and sustainable manner.

Precautions While Consuming Grapefruit:

Usually, grapefruit is not picked until it is completely ripe. This means that only the ripe fruits are available commercially. Therefore, you do not need to practice caution while selecting the fruit. However, it is best to choose grapefruits that are heavier than they appear for their size. Avoid picking out grapefruits which may be soft, mushy, or tender as these may spoil quickly and have to be consumed immediately. Oblong grapefruits are usually of poor quality and should be avoided. There are three varieties of grapefruits available commercially. All of them have equal nutritional value and are equally good for weight loss as well. There are some precautions while consuming grapefruit. You should always wash the grapefruit before consuming it as it may contain pesticides and microbes sticking to its skin. Before you consume a grapefruit, always allow it to come to room temperature. This will help improve the flavor of the fruit and allow you to eat more of it. You may peel the grapefruit before halving and consuming it, but it is best to eat it with the skin to get the most amounts of fiber. To improve its taste, you may add some salt or brown sugar to it. You can consume a whole fruit in your breakfast, and include half a grapefruit in each of your meals.

Submitted on January 16, 2014