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Stay Healthy with Low Fat Snacks

Fruits – ½ cup grapefruit, oranges or pineapple; 1 apple, banana or pear; 1/3rd cup sugarless dried fruits; ½ cup blueberries, grapes, raisins, strawberries and 3-4 pitted prunes.

Vegetables – Sliced cucumber; wedged broccoli, cauliflower or lettuce; carrot sticks or celery.

Grains – 1 rice cake; handful of sunflower seeds or shelled roasted peanuts; handful of corn chips or baked potato; fat-free popcorn; handful of low-sugar, high-fiber cereal with skim milk; 1 low-sugar, low-fat cereal bars; 2 whole-wheat, low-fat pretzels and 2-3 non-fat crackers with 1Tbsp peanut butter.

Dairy – ½ cup each of non-fat, low sugar ice cream; fat-free cottage cheese with fruit topping; non-fat yogurt with or without fruit topping or 1glass skim milk.

Drinks – Decaffeinated coffee, iced tea or diet soda; 1-2 glass of skimmed milk per day; protein shake with 1 cup yogurt or skim milk plus fruit; a glass of vegetable juice; 6 bottles of water per day or cappuccino with skim milk and no whipped cream.

Toppings – 1 Tbsp fat-free fudge; fat-free salad dressings and salsa for vegetable, snacks and salads.

The focus on healthy eating has been increasing steadily in recent times. Most people adopt weight loss diets and programs in order to achieve and maintain healthy body weight. An important part of a diet plan is healthy low fat snacks. It is natural to experience hunger pangs between meals, especially when one is on a weight loss diet. Healthy low fat snacks help to satisfy hunger without adding excess calories to a diet plan.

It is very easy to substitute unhealthy snacks with healthy low fat snacks as there are a variety of options available today.

Most people do not have the time to prepare low fat healthy snacks. There are many quick and simple solutions available for such people. Many low fat snack foods can be prepared very quickly. An example of these healthy low fat snacks on the go include oat bars and cereals bars. These are available in most health stores and are effective in restricting your calorie intake. They contain approximately 140 calories. You can also opt for healthy wheat breads or rice cakes. There are just about 40 calories contained in whole wheat breads and about 60 calories in rice cakes. Peanut butter is a delicious healthy low fat snacks food that also constitutes as a great low fat snack as long as it is consumed in minimal amounts. Beans too can be prepared into a healthy low fat snacks as they are rich in fiber and low in calories. Some of the most popular low fat snacks are sugar free foods such as whipped butter and jelly.

There are also a variety of natural foods that serve as wonderful healthy low fat snacks. Dried fruits are high in fiber and will supply you with many other important nutrients. They also help to satisfy sweet cravings without adding calories. Hard boiled eggs have about 80 calories in them and also contain iron, protein and other nutrients. You may have it plain or as a filling in a whole wheat bread sandwich. Another healthy low fat snacks that is often a part of many diet plans is yogurt. Skim milk yogurt is low in calories and high in calcium. Instead of reaching out for deep fried chips or chocolate cookies, eat a handful of almonds. These nuts are very low in calories and high in essential fatty acids which are necessary for the body. If you desire something crisp, opt for air popped popcorn. This is an inexpensive snack that is also tasty and fun to eat.

Submitted on January 16, 2014