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Increase your body muscle mass:

I am 6 feet 72kgs; give me body building exercise chart to gain weight.

Weight gain with body building exercise may seem an odd goal in this world where almost everyone is obsessed to get skinny. You can gain muscle mass with bodybuilding exercise and gain weight fast. This is a very wise way to gain weight as a weight gained in this way will not be just any weight but actual lean muscle weight. Three components to gain weight and increase your muscle mass are a weight gain diet, body building training and rest. These three components are very critical to such an extent that you fail to accomplish one you can fail to maximize your capacity to build muscle.

I have tried to answer only one component that is body building exercise in this answer as you asked for that but remember to focus equally on rest and weight gain diet (high in calories and proteins). 

Weight training to build muscle mass is an organized form of exercise. In this the body muscles are forced to contract under tension using weights. Body weights along with weights and other devises can be used to stimulate muscle mass, growth, endurance, power, and strength. You can either choose high intensity training in which a person workout 1-3 times a week with single set full body routine or you can choose periodization where body building is based on a progressive approach to overload in different ways. Best weight training shall be the one which involves combination of FITT - Frequency, Intensity, Time spent and

Type of exercise done. Depending on your need different weight trainings are available, but before starting a training program for gaining muscle mass it is very important choose the muscle group that has to be trained and set realistic goals. To train your big muscles the following eight weight lifting exercises are suggested that are - squats (legs), calf raises (legs), crunches (Abs), military press (Shoulders), bench press (chest), pull ups (back), bench dips (arms), and bicep curls (arms).

Before starting a body building exercise choose to warm up with light weights for 10 minutes. Then depending on your goal and capacity increase weights gradually, you can choose heavier weights for larger muscle groups like legs, back, and chest. But for the smaller muscle groups you will need smaller weights. It would take some time to decide the right amount of weights for a particular muscle and exercise. For best results you can choose a personal trainer to guide you in the beginning.

Submitted on January 16, 2014