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Indoor Diet-Step Tips

It is not necessary to walk outdoors if it is extremely hot, humid, wet, cold or windy. You can always exercise in-doors at home.
  1. Stationary Diet Step – This is a combination of walking and running in place. Use a thick rug or padded exercise mat, wear walking shoes or padded sneakers to avoid injuries. Walk in place for 5mins, lift your foot approximately 4inches off the floor and take around 60 steps a minute. Alternate this with 5mins running in-place, lift your foot 8inches off the floor and take approximately 90 steps a minute.
    Repeat this exercise 2 times daily, with each session of 10mins.
  2. Skipping Diet-Step – Skip over the rope, alternating one foot at a time for 5mins, then for 5mins skip using both feet together. This 10min session can be repeated 2 times daily.
  3. Dance Diet-Step – Turn on any of your favorite music with moderately fast beats. Make your own moves and dance to the beat of music for 20mins. Or else two 10min sessions are also okay.
  4. Stationary Bike-Diet – Its one of the easiest, safest and efficient methods. They are usually equipped with speedometer that tells the speed and odometer that tells the mileage. Make sure it has a comfortable support, solid front wheel and adjustable hand-bars. You can read, talk, watch T.V. or listen to music while riding your stationary bike. Comfortably pedal @ 10-15miles/hr for 20mins (or two 10min sessions) to avoid strain.
  5. Treadmills – It is an effective way to burn calories and build cardiovascular fitness. Purchase motorized treadmills which have enough length and width (deck area) to accommodate any stride and which are cushioned, which has a continuous duty rating of at-least 1.5 horsepower. The machine should have an automatic stop button in case you feel dizzy or stumble, you can halt the machine instantly.
  6. Swimming – 20mins of swimming provides you with the same benefits of walking like conditioning and cardiovascular fitness. For people having back problems or arthritis swimming has the added benefit of being easy on the joints and puts very little stress.
  7. Elliptical Fitness Machines – This machine has the combination of the movement of a treadmill and a stair climber. This elliptical motion provides a no-impact type of exercise. It is beneficial for people with arthritis, back or knee problems. Your feet loop forward to walk, but the footpads rise and fall with your feet. Many people however, complain that it feels unnatural because you have to pull your feet up and then push them down to sustain the motion.
  8. Mall Walking – For people who dislike exercising at home during certain situations, taking a 20min walk in an in-door mall would be the right thing. Put vigor and pep into your walk step. Keep your eyes straight and don’t look around for window-shopping.
Caution – If any of these in-door exercise causes uneasiness, shortness of breath, excessive fatigue, headache, chest pain or pain anywhere in the body, dizziness or any other symptoms. Stop immediately and consult your physician.
Submitted on January 16, 2014