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Wedding Diet Tips


Wedding is one of the most important occasions in every man and woman’s life. Women especially are conscious of their image, complexion and looks, prior to marriage. A pre wedding diet proves beneficial, as it is a motivation by itself. But the ultimate idea is sticking on to the pre wedding diet, much after marriage. Regular eating habits at proper time are helpful.

Many women who eat less on the diet before wedding or on the wedding week, energy expenditure is lesser. This in turn results in weight gain, rather than weight loss. Certain habits prove effective, if made an ideal part of the individuals life.

Food labels require a lot of attention. Many labels are misleading with notes that say no trans fats, no cholesterol and so on. Vegetables and fruits are an essential part of the diet. At least five servings of vegetables and fruits are recommended. They decrease the appetite, by increasing the satiety levels. Portioning of meals is important in all stages of life. The satiety feeling is the same as on individuals on low calorie diet.

Glycemic index of foods is an important factor of concern. High glycemic index foods contribute to obesity and related complications. Increase the low glycemic index foods in the diet to help in a healthy diet pattern. Certain individuals are at great risk of weight recurrence. Weight regain is especially seen in individuals with a family history of obesity at the back and abdominal region.

Adequate amount of water flushes off the toxins and other metabolites. Water intake increases the expenditure by thirty per cent. Fluids in all forms, such as coconut water, barley water, and so on prove helpful. The wedding week diet should involve a balanced diet. Apples are the in-thing, as they have a low glycemic index.

A wedding diary is a good idea. It helps in keeping a track of the entire intake. All kinds of liquids and water intake are also marked. The food diary should list down the ingredients used and the quantity of food consumed. Try a colon cleansing diet. This kind of a diet helps in removal toxins and works as a detox plan. Acne, bloating and weight gain problems are avoided by this program.

A colonic wash proves helpful in many, as there are loads of wastes in the colon. This is a great detoxification process. The wedding week diet should be a balanced one with foods from all the food groups. This ensures a glowing skin on the day of the wedding!

Submitted on January 16, 2014