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Weight Loss Formula for Women

Formula 1. 20gms of Total Fat

  1. Less fat in the diet helps in burning more stored fat- as fuel, so both you and your fat cells become nice and thin.
  2. Fat if eaten in excess affects both your heart and figure. So eat not more than 20gms of total fat calories a day to lose weight.
  3. Maintain a chart that gives you the details of total number of fats in various foods and keep a record of what you eat.
  4. And finally eat no more than 25gms to maintain ideal weight.

Formula 2. 20gms of Dietary Fiber

  1. Fiber has larger volume and contains fewer calories and satisfies the hunger center quickly.
  2. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are high in fiber and also contain antioxidants and many more nutrients and keep the digestive system healthy.
  3. Consult a chart for the total grams of fiber in various foods and eat at-least 20gms of dietary fiber daily to lose weight.
  4. And to maintain ideal weight, eat more than 15gms of dietary fiber daily.

Formula 3. 20 minutes Daily Walking

  1. Walking burns approximately 350 calories per hour. It burns more fat and less muscle and increases the body’s metabolic rate.
  2. Walking before a meal decreases the appetite.
  3. A 20minute brisk walk daily helps you to lose weight quickly. 10 minutes walk twice a day is just as good.
    And once you have reached your ideal weight, take a day off and rest.

Submitted on January 16, 2014