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Colon Cleansing Diet

The colon is a very important organ in your body. It is the last part of digestive system which is located at the end of the spinal cord. It is responsible for extracting all the water and the salt from the waste matter from the body, before it leaves the body as feces. Therefore if the colon is not working at its optimum, you could face a whole lot of other health problems.

There are colon cleansing diets which can ensure that your colon works. A colon cleansing diet and diet plan is important to get your colon working in a perfect state.

In a colon cleansing diet, the menu and the foods emphasize fiber. A definite amount of soluble and insoluble fiber is a must for colon cleansing diets. Increasing the fiber you consume will ensure that while you cleanse your colon, you also get a natural and detox colon cleansing diet. You even get colon cleansing diet pills but nothing works better than a colon cleansing diet.

Diet Plan & Foods For Colon cleansing

There are different diets that you can find out about and follow any one. There is a 3 day colon cleansing diet. For a 3 day colon cleansing diet, you need to gather some items before you start. Collect items like pure aloe vera juice, prune juice, apple juice, flax seed oil, lemons, distilled water along with raw apples. Start your days with prune juice, which draws the waste out the intestine. It is important that juice has no sugar in it. Drink the juice slowly to ensure facilitation. Throughout the day sip apple juice and interchange lemon juice. Drinking the juices very quickly can upset the balance of electrolytes in your body. On the second day, consume some aloe vera juice too. On every day of the 3 day diet, you also should have some flax seed oil. Aloe vera juice and flax seed oil both facilitate healthy bowel movements and work towards the elimination of toxins. If you need solid food during these three days, you can eat apples. For some symptoms like diarrhea, headache, nausea and fatigue, consult a doctor before you do it.

Another popular colon cleansing diet is the Acai berry colon cleansing diet. The Acai berry colon cleansing diet is a very popular diet. The Acai berry, considered a wonder berry of sorts, has a very high count of anti oxidants. These antioxidants give you an energy boost and helps burn fat. This diet comes with a colon cleanser. The berries help burn fat and the cleanser cleans it out of the body. This Acai berry colon cleanser is a very popular method of losing weight, especially with the celebrities. In fact Acai berry is even used in conjunction with other weight loss programs, just like the Acai berry colon cleanser which is used more as a weight loss program rather than a just a colon cleansing program.

You can even try a homemade colon cleansing diet. You can try home remedies for this colon cleansing diet by easily putting together colon cleansing recipes. This will help you improve your digestive system, help you lose weight, boost your appetite and generally feel good about yourself. Some homemade colon cleansing recipes include plums, cider vinegar, tamarind pulp and honey. Mix all these ingredients into a jam and consume one table spoon of this jam, early in the morning. It works very well in clearing the gastrointestinal tract. Another recipe is having tea without any milk. Ensure that the tea you make has various spices like cloves, basil and ginger. Then reduce this mixture and take in, a teaspoon at a time every day.

The flowering plant, senna, is also a very good colon cleanser. You have to mix seven ounces of the plant with white sultanas and rose hip extracts. Create a mixture by boiling, steaming and then straining. This makes for an effective colon cleanser. Cayenne pepper is also a great colon cleanser. It has great detoxification qualities. Cayenne pepper helps release all the mucus that has gathered in colon which would have prevented it from functioning properly. You can mix cayenne pepper in your food or mix it in a glass with honey and water and drink it. You can also try enemas which are also very effective colon cleansers. Enemas can be given at home. A basic enema is when you fill your colon with water and then draining it. There are many different types of enemas that serve different remedial purposes. You can also try laxatives. Laxatives are natural substances that encourage bowel movements.

All these measures are usually required only if your colon, for some reason, is not functioning properly. If you eat a balanced meal where at twenty-five per cent of what you eat is fiber then your colon will work very effectively.

Submitted on January 16, 2014