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HCG Diet Plan

The HCG diet plan is an extreme weight loss diet plan that is used to rapidly shed weight. At the outset it is important to stress that rapid weight loss plans are not recommended for everyone and should only be undertaken in case an individual has an extreme need to lose weight. A rapid weight loss plan should also be tried only after seeking medical advice from one’s regular doctor.

What is hcg diet plan?

The HCG diet plan is extremely restrictive in terms of the amount of calories an individual can consume. Low calorie foods can be consumed pretty much without any restrictions.
However, the HCG diet plan recommends an extremely low calorie intake of just 500 calories per day. Individuals on this diet will take HCG hormone supplements along with their daily 500 calories. The logic behind the HCG diet plan menu is that the body has fat reserves which can be burned for energy. When this happens, the individual will naturally lose weight over a period of time. However, the HCG diet plan should only be performed by individuals who have large amounts of body fat that can be burned for energy. Thin individuals will face serious health repercussions if they follow such a restrictive diet plan.

The HCG food plan menu does have one important benefit in that it recommends organic food. Organic food is found in a natural, unprocessed state. This type of food is likely to contain more nutrition and less waste than food that is pre-processed. It is important to consume healthy fresh foods under any diet. Under the HCG diet plan, only these foods are allowed. One needs to consume plenty of nutritional bulk as that will fill the stomach without actually adding any calories to the mix.

The success of any diet plan improves if one exercises. Endurance exercises are needed to burn energy. Even light walking can help with this process. Walking for periods of more than 30 minutes at a time will result in the body losing weight as it will need to burn fat to produce energy. A calorie-restricted diet such as the HCG diet plan will only enhance the effect of exercises.

One must remember that it is important to be aware of any signs that the body shows. If one feels giddy, dizzy or physically uncomfortable, one should consult with a doctor. In such a situation, the diet may need to be rolled back for a few days or weeks.
Submitted on January 16, 2014