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Liquid Diet Recipes

Liquid Diet Weight Loss – Liquid diets are a popular option for dieters as a quick and effective solution for weight loss and also for patients recovering from certain medical conditions (like jaw surgery, gastrointestinal discomfort and so on) that make it difficult to consume a solid diet. In such cases medical professionals recommend a liquid meal replacement diet to maintain nutrient intake to ensure a steady recovery process.
The idea behind a liquid diet for weight loss is to lower calorie consumption immediately affecting weight loss without starving. Despite the drop in calorie intake, the addition of proteins and carbohydrates helps the body remain active and energetic.

Of course a liquid diet for weight loss should not be undertaken individually.
Consult your nutritionist so as not to harm your health. Medical supervision is important because a liquid diet reduces calorie intake to almost nothing, and also doesn’t provide the body with any fats. If pursued poorly or for an extended period of time it may have a negative effect on the body created by an inadequate intake of nutrients.

The Workings of a Liquid Diet – Since a liquid diet is devoid of calories and fat, the body reaches out for the stored reserves of fat, and begins burning these, affecting immediate visible weight loss. At the same time the body does not starve. It is replenished with the proteins and fibers from the liquid diet. These in turn aid burn stored fat further.
While many followers of the liquid diet consume only liquids during this diet phase - some of the more popular liquid diet recipes include the Lemonade Diet (this encourages dieters to consume only lemonade for a week) and the Three-Day-Juice Fast (this asks that dieters consume only fresh juice (and water) for three consecutive days) – the healthiest way around a liquid diet is not to cut out solids from your diet.

Consult your nutritionist and substitute just one of the five solid meals of your day with a liquid meal replacement diet. If you want the liquid meal to boost weight loss, make sure the remaining four solid meals you consume are well balanced and full of nutrients. Also include some exercise in your day for healthy living.

Liquid Diets – While most pop culture references suggest liquid diets are bland and consist of only clear liquid diets like clear soups and water with cayenne pepper and lemon, that’s not essentially true. Like for a healthy diet, there are a number of options when it comes to a healthy liquid diet for weight loss.

You can change things up with a number of fruits and fresh vegetables as the main ingredients. Mix and match the many different flavors to make a tasty meal of a fruit shake or a vegetable soup. You can also add additional ingredients like lemon juice, cayenne pepper and honey to add that extra punch to the liquid diet. And once in a while, to keep things fun, you can also use milk and yogurt to make delicious energy boosting milkshakes.  

Liquid Diet Recipes – The trick to a successful liquid diet is to plan the meals beforehand, much like a regular diet, to keep things fresh and interesting. Get online and search for different liquid diet recipes and liquid diet shakes. You can use a number of fruits – apples, melons, oranges, berries tomatoes, – and vegetables – cabbage, spinach, carrots, celery, onions, herbs, cucumbers – and paired up with tasty additions like chicken and legumes for soups and yogurt and cereal for toppings on fruit shakes. Also polish the dish off with a sprinkling of pepper or a dash of honey.

Submitted on January 16, 2014