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Diet Questions and FAQs 


Diet questions are one of the commonly asked queries. Many individuals come up with same queries. Importance to diet and health in the recent years forces every individual to be conscious about his or her diet. This gives rise to a number of diet faq, a few of which are mentioned below. The first doubt that comes to an individuals diet conscious mind is the method to control craving or ways to decrease appetite.

Reduced intake results in cravings. This is easily managed by proper alignment of the diet. Small and frequent meals prevent hunger. A heavy breakfast is yet another method of controlling hunger pangs by the end of the day. If the craving fails to subside faster these techniques, the cause needs to be identified. If the craving is based on emotions, these methods fail to help. Identify the emotion and try to distract the self. Chat on the phone or watch television to distract and forget the craving.

The next doubt that is common is about the list of good foods. All foods are healthy, provided eaten in the correct quantities. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide all the necessary minerals and vitamins. Whole grains and cereals also provide complex carbohydrates. Junk foods such as burgers, pizzas, fried fish, chicken nuggets, meat pizzas and french fries are the bad men in any diet.

The next frequently asked query is the method to lose weight. Weight loss fails to happen in a jiffy. It is not a miracle that hardly requires any time. Weight loss is achieved over a course of time by a strict diet, lifestyle modification and exercise. Exercise in the form of walking, jogging, swimming and so on, for half an hour proves beneficial in weight loss. A strict diet with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and skimmed milk is helpful.

One of the most commonly faced problems by an individual on a strict diet is the concept of eating out. When not in a position to deny dining out, try small tricks to keep up your image and stick to your principles. Take food in the side plate, instead of the main plate. Share the accompaniments and the dessert. Do not eat the entire dessert, as they are generally laden with fat and calories. Be consistent with your efforts to lead a healthy life. Do not budge from your diet principles and give into temptation. Lead your life in your way. Forget about, what others think of you!

Submitted on January 16, 2014