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God made Iron abundant on Earth; therefore, it is obvious that it is required here by almost all the living things to ensure that they have proper immune system and a good oxygen transport system through our bodies.

Deficiency of Iron is called anemia, this causes paleness to a person and the person becomes generally unhealthy. Anemic person starts falling ill more than a healthy person. In case the anemic person is a child his growth many be hampered with low levels of Iron.

Iron helps transfer of oxygen efficiently throughout the body. This is done by hemoglobin, the protein found in red blood cells.
It is necessary to have adequate amount of hemoglobin in blood since it proper oxygen is not transferred throughout the body, body functions might not become healthy and this might affect person’s immune system.

Our body too takes care that it creates enough storage of Iron in case of future deficiency; this is regulated by the intestines. Intestines absorb iron directly from foods and transfer to red blood cells as well as to other organs which provide energy to muscles to perform.

Low levels of iron in your body can cause nutritional disorders; this can happen because there is very low level of iron in your body. When your food does not include proper dosage for iron each day, body starts using the stored iron to supplement its daily requirement of iron, if iron deficiency in diet goes on for a prolonged period then this might result into iron deficiency anemia.

You will find rich iron reserves in dried fruits like almonds, dried raisins, etc. Another rich source of Iron is the green vegetables and red meat. You can include these foods in your regular diet and see to it that your iron intake is maintained at a proper level.

Women require iron more than men. Especially girls in the age of puberty, lactating mothers, pregnant women, women of child bearing age, who have a history of heavy menstrual flow, all require Iron. Iron in such women goes out of bodies during menstruation or to the baby during pregnancy or lactation. Therefore such women should take extra care that there is enough iron included in the diet. Especially lactating mothers, since the Iron they consume would go to their body as well as it will help making baby healthier.

Premature babies require iron too. Those with high iron deficiency should take iron supplements with doctor’s consultation.

Submitted on January 16, 2014