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Supplements For Runners

Runners, like any other sportsmen, can see a definite improvement in their training and performance with the usage of supplements. Keep in mind that a sportsperson’s nutritional requirements are much higher than normal, and if you are not able to get the required nutrition, then your training will suffer. This is where supplements come in. They are not absolutely necessary—a well-planned diet is enough—but many people are not able to get just that.

Here are some nutritional supplements for runners:

• Antioxidants are important endurance supplements for runners. Antioxidants prevent free radicals from causing damage to cells, and more free radicals are produced during endurance sports.
Your antioxidants should contain vitamins E and C, selenium, as well as carotenoids. You need to start taking these at least a few weeks before a big race or marathon in order for them to be effective.
• Supplements for your knees. Running, especially in bad form or on concrete is especially bad for your knees. The ligaments in the knees wear off because of the consistent pounding. Supplements for running that have glucosamine, MSM, and chondoritin can help your knees heal faster, and protect you in the long run. They allow your cartilage to stay healthy and strong as well as give you sulfur for healing.
• Protein supplements are very important nutritional supplements for runners. They help the muscles heal and recover, thus helping you to get stronger. They can be had as protein shakes or as powders. If you are not getting enough protein from your diet, you need to have protein supplements every day to recover and perform at your best.
• Fatty acids give your joints the necessary lubrication they need to keep healthy. They help control inflammation and rubbing and keep your body healthier. These dietary supplements for runners also prevent muscle soreness and pain.
• Glutamine is a dietary supplement runners should be using. It is an amino acid that helps you recover faster  and at the same time strengthens your immune system. It is known best for its aid with recovery timings.
• Multivitamins make sure that you get all the vitamins and minerals you need for optimum performance. Vitamin supplements for runners are important, as they help with endurance and stamina. They also help your body to stay healthy and disease free, meaning you can train for longer without losing out to illness and/or weakness.
• Vasodilators are used by marathon runners as well as by sportsmen like body builders. The reason such a wide range of sportsmen use them is because they cause the blood vessels to dilate,  resulting inan increase in blood flow  through your system. This means that your body is able to use up energy better, and  this can improve performance significantly.
Before you use any of these supplements, make sure that they are not banned by sports authorities, and most certainly seek the advice of a trainer or a doctor.
Submitted on January 16, 2014