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Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins are absolutely essential for the proper functioning of the human body. Your body needs a steady and continuous supply of adequate vitamins and minerals, on a daily basis, so that it can remain healthy and fit. These minerals and vitamins are required in small amounts, by the body, so that it continues to work properly. Vitamins affect not just the major organs in your body, but all the other body parts which include the hair, muscles, nails, eyes, digestive system as well as the nervous system. For those people, who consume a balanced diet on a daily basis, which consists of food from all the major food groups, there is usually no need for a vitamin supplement, as the nutritious food provides all the minerals and vitamins that the body needs.

Many people feel that they do not have the time to eat regular and balanced meals throughout the day.
It is, therefore, common to see people skip meals regularly or eat fast food on the go. At times, the way healthy foods like vegetables, are cooked also leaves them devoid of any vitamins and nutrients. In such cases, a vitamin supplement may be recommended, by a doctor or a health specialist, as a way to top up on the essential nutrients that are missing. There are vitamin mineral supplements that are easily available at most stores that sell health foods, as well as most pharmacies. Although there are various benefits of vitamin supplements, they should not be used as a substitute for healthy foods.

Vitamin supplements are now available in many forms. You can choose between liquid vitamin supplements, vitamin pills and capsules as well as vitamin powders. The liquid vitamin supplements are more suitable for younger children, to help enhance their growth and development. They can be taken in the form of a syrup, like most normal medications for children. The problem is that picky children may not be able to take the vitamin, because of its taste. At times some liquid supplements are available in the form of flavored milk or juices, with additional nutrients that can be quite enjoyable for most children. However, the consumption of such liquid supplements needs to be closely monitored by parents, as an overdose of any nutrient can cause more harm to them, than its deficiency.

Vitamin Herbal Supplements

Vitamin herbal supplements have now become increasing popular amongst most health conscious people, because they are thought to be much safer than the conventional supplements, since they are supposed to be made from natural products. An herb can be described as a plant or a particular part of a plant (like the seed, flower, leaf, root or stem), that can be used for its therapeutic properties or its essence. Vitamin herbal supplements usually contain the vitamins that have been extracted from such herbs or plants. They can be made up for the extracts from one herb or a combination of herbs. People prefer going in for herbal supplements, rather than pharmaceutical drugs, based on studies that indicate the benefits of various herbs and their extracts, mainly because of their therapeutic applications. The use of herbal supplements has been recommended not just to increase the levels vitamins and of nutrients in one’s body, but also for several other purposes which include skin and hair care as well as weight loss.

However, there have been reports, which stated that several herbal supplements are not as natural as they are believed to be, mainly because they do not contain all the ingredients that they claim to. Therefore, before going in for any herbal supplement, it is strongly recommended that you find out more about it from people who have already used it. Moreover, excessive amounts of vitamins can cause some serious reactions and problems in the body. That is why you should never take any vitamin supplements, without checking with a doctor or a qualified dietitian.
Submitted on January 16, 2014