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You may think that zinc is just an element included in the as the Zn code and number 30. Not anymore. Zinc may be an element in that table but the name itself provides more that just its four letters. Scientifically speaking, zinc is the element responsible in operating the enzymes within the human body. This is also a vital component in order to make metabolism process a success and hassle free.  In the field of chemistry however, zinc is something that turns into color green flame when moistened and reacted with elements like alkalis and acids and other non-metallic materials. In addition, zinc is a contributor in metal shift from being a sturdy material to being malleable, thus allowing more possible variations in the use of metals.

On one hand, zinc as an element is also considered to be useful in alternative healing process but has temporary effects. From A to Z illness, zinc contributes to a larger healing and emergency usage compared to other materials or elements in herbal or alternative healing. For one, zinc supplementation can decrease the possibility of incurring or altering thyroid hormonal imbalance from those who are zinc deficient. Some however identified the zinc is a great factor in reducing the stress levels on diabetics thus reducing the risks of diabetic recurrences from the patient. It is also identified that zinc minimizes or prevents contracting eczema, immune system problems, infertility issues, and anorexic attacks. 

There are too many medical issues addressed with the mere use of zinc components. Similar to other herbal or alternative medicinal processes, zinc has its own downfalls and special considerations are needed for those who are to use this element. Unlike the typical zinc that is included in the table of elements, zinc as herbal formulation is actually one of the widely used herbal product during the ancient Egyptian times. The zinc formula is used before because of its wound healing properties that is mainly used in treating the warriors who are always in the battlefields protecting their country.  Further, zinc supplementation is proven effective in dealing with fungal infections on scalp even gastric ulcers cure alternative. 

With the many biological healing contributions of zinc, the formulation associated with this element is just too vital for any mistake regardless. Zinc is actually considered an antiviral formula thus allowing the wound healing process to take effect immediately. Some of the added zinc contributions in the medical sciences is its power to address the malnutrition problems including digestion problem, peptic ulcers concerns and many inflammatory diseases and illnesses in which colds is included.  Thus, the atomic number 30 in zinc element actually represents the many contributions of this formula in alternative medicine and is even included as one of the most sought-after-element in medical process. 

Unfortunately, there is no perfect formula because zinc formula needs to be rediscovered, reevaluated and reconsidered in terms of its usage and benefits. There are of course side effects associated with the use of any zinc supplementation just like the other herbal products available in the market. It only means that there are more to this element that needs to be discovered and tested or that scientific medicine could further identify the other usefulness of zinc as an alternative medicine formula in many cases of biological imperfections.
Submitted on January 16, 2014