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3 Day Diet

The cabbage soup diet is the main feature of a 3 day diet plan. A 3 day diet is considered to be a very popular diet plan among those attempting to lose weight. The 3 day diet plan is one of the many fad diets which a number of people follow in an endeavor to lose weight really fast. However, this kind of a program also has a down side to it which is that the people undertaking this diet also tend to put back or regain the weight they lost, fairly quickly. Hence a 3 day diet is not considered by many to be an entirely successful one.

What the 3 day diet basically entails is for one to consume a diet that is very low in calories. These details can be obtained by simply observing any of their meal plans. This diet does not contain any magical or mystical elements. It simply involves one losing weight fairly rapidly due to the instant and sudden fall in their calorie levels. Some of the loss of the people’s fat levels may be the reason for this fall in calories but most often the fall in calories is the result of the sudden reduction in water or the water loss levels.

The 3 day diet plan encourages its practitioners to consume tea or black coffee as part of their breakfast diet. This has to be low in sugar. Then the grapefruit diet plays a role in this breakfast plan else one can substitute the grapefruit with any other fruit juice. One is also allowed to consume a single slice of toast along with only a tablespoon of some peanut butter. The lunch menu on this 3 day diet plan involves the person being allowed to consume about half a cup of tuna along with a single slice of toast. One is allowed to drink either a cup of tea and water or a cup of black coffee both of which need to be low in sugar. Finally the dinner diet for the 3 day cardiac diet includes one being allowed to consume about 3 oz of any of the lean meat family along with a cup of carrots and a cup of green beans. One is also allowed a cup of vanilla ice cream and a medium sized apple. Black coffee or tea or water can be consumed with very little sugar. Some of the condiments that are allowed in this 3 day diet plan include lemon, a dash of salt, some pepper, some mustard and some cooking spray. Lemon is can be consumed in any quantity.

People who are following this 3 day diet plan are allowed to substitute the grapefruit diet with the orange diet. Some of the other substitutes allowed in as part of this diet plan include one being allowed to eat cottage cheese instead of tuna. This is useful for those who do not eat fish or are allergic to milk products. Similarly another substitution allowed is consumption of frozen yogurt instead of ice cream and cauliflower instead of broccoli. Even green beans can be substituted with cauliflower or with broccoli. If one does not like carrots then as part of this 3 day diet plan one can substitute carrots with beets and vice versa. Toast can very simply be substituted with about 5 crackers and vice versa. This 3 day diet plan is designed to help one lose weight very fast and get visible results very quickly. The cabbage soup diet plan is a big feature of this diet program. However, when following any diet plan it is always recommended that one should not lose weight too drastically. One should also seek medical attention or advice in the event of any side effects developing like fainting or dehydration.


Submitted on January 16, 2014