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No Carb Diet Plan

A no carb diet plan or a no carbohydrate diet is a diet which makes carbohydrates the villain on your plate. Apparently, low carbs usually means quick weight loss. But everyone who has ever followed this diet will tell you that although you lose weight, you do not necessarily keep it off once you have gone off the diet. This diet has seemed to wane in enthusiasm recently. Diets which forbid any one food group cannot be very beneficial to your health after all.

No Carbohydrate Food List, Menu

This diet, largely considered a crash diet, almost completely eliminates carbohydrates from your diet.
Another way to look at this is excluding all whites from your diet. White rice, white bread, white sugar and even potatoes, are to be excluded. This diet follows replacing almost all of your carbs with proteins. This diet includes a no carb food list that provides you with very interesting no carb food ideas. You can eat all kinds of meat, including white meat like chicken and fish which is always a healthier option. This low carb diet is also often called a high fat diet as it encourages the intake of red meats which are usually high in protein, fat and cholesterol. You are also encouraged to eat eggs and cheese, as frequently as you like. No carbs is strict enough to not even have any carbs in your salad dressings. You can eat low starch vegetables like greens and leafy vegetables. Vegetables you cannot eat, besides potatoes, are corn and peas.

Here is a no carb food idea for a basic meal plan for a no carb diet. A breakfast of boiled eggs and Greek cheese. A mid morning snack of low fat yogurt without any additives. Lunch will be any grilled meat and a large salad of vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and cabbage with little homemade dressing. You can even try a little mayonnaise. An evening snack can be sprouts or lentils with vinaigrette or a little salt. Dinner can be a soup which protein and some vegetables. Alternately dinner can also be grilled meat with a large salad. For snacks, you can also have vegetable juices without any additives. Protein bars can also be had for snacks but you have to be sure that they do not contain carbohydrates. A final word of caution; do not choose to begin a diet routine without consulting your physician. Diets such as the no carb diet tend to eliminate an entire food group all at once. That cannot possibly be very healthy. Therefore, it is extremely important that your physician be aware of your decision to go on a diet, so that he could provide you with appropriate advice.

Submitted on January 16, 2014