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Healthy Diet Plans >>  Digestion and processing food is hampered due to stomach disorder

Digestion and processing food is hampered due to stomach disorder:

Remedy for stomach disorder.

Yes, there are a number of home remedies for stomach ailments. Let me explain to you a little about stomach disorders, their causes before I go on to give you some remedies for stomach problems.

Stomach Disorders and causes

Stomach disorder refers to problem in the stomach where the normal process of digestion and processing food is hampered due to several causes. Some common forms of stomach disorder include stomach cramps, heartburn, and heaviness in the stomach, cramps, nausea and vomiting.
In most cases a stomach disorder is generally caused by the foods we eat. A stomach problem may occur when the food to be digested in incompatible.

Stomach disorders such as stomach aches are generally caused because of the infestation of parasites. In some cases a stomach disorder may occur due to a sudden change in the environment or unhygienic conditions. Constant binging o heavy foods and excessive smoking and drinking can also cause stomach disorders.  

Specific Remedies for stomach disorders

The cure or the treatment for stomach disorder depends on the type of the problem. Hence the treatment for stomach aches will be different from the treatment of stomach cramps. Mentioned below are a few remedies that you can follow for the most common types of stomach disorders. 

Remedies for stomach ache

Take two grams of crushed celery leaves with 1 gram of rock salt and eat the mixture. Eating the mixture will stop the problem immediately. Alternatively take 3 grams of crushed tamarind leaves and add one gram of rock salt to the mixture. Drinking the mixture will bring you a lot of relief. You can also take two teaspoonfuls of lemon juice with one teaspoonful of ginger juice and drink the mixture. Add some sugar if required. 

Remedies for stomach cramps

Take one bael fruit and grind it. Add the pulp to a glassful of buttermilk and drink the mixture. You can also make use of crushed paste of fenugreek seeds. Add the crushed seeds to a bowl of curd and eat the mixture. The stomach cramps will soon subside.    

Remedies for stomach heaviness

Stomach heaviness refers to a sort of a lethargic feeling in the stomach making the person feel sluggish. The first remedy involves taking some egg plants and heating them over a barbecue. Sodium bicarbonate is then added to the heated mixture and the resultant mixture is tied in a cloth and placed on the belly. The heaviness will gradually subside. Alternatively make a mixture of two grams of black currants and fennel seeds and then immerse them in a vessel containing water. Add one gram of sugar to the mixture after mashing the ingredients. Drink the mixture every morning till the heaviness subsides.

Stomach Disorders

The stomach is one of the major organs of the human digestive system. Food is consumed through the mouth where chewing takes place. This semi processed food then passes through the esophagus into the stomach. The stomach is a sack like organ with a tough lining designed to deal with high levels of acidity. During digestion, the stomach produces acids and enzymes which help to break down the food. This broken down food gradually leaves the stomach from its bottom end and enters the intestinal system. In the intestinal system, absorption takes place. The absorbed nutrients are then passed through the body to various parts that need nutrition.

Stomach disorders are conditions that affect the stomach which may cause pain, discomfort, indigestion, or complete rejection of food. Stomach disorders may be simple or complicated depending on what is actually causing the problem. Many stomach disorders are associated with diet issues or with the timing and method of food consumption. People who consume food at odd times during the day may suffer from symptoms of stomach disorders. People who eat food too fast may also suffer from similar problems. Stomach disorders are also related to more serious conditions that include infections and diseases.

The most common stomach disorders are associated with the lining of the stomach. The stomach lining is designed to withstand the acidity present within the stomach during, before and after digestion has taken place. There are many diseases and medical conditions that can cause stomach disorders which damage the lining of the stomach. Some of these stomach disorders damage the mucus layer that covers the stomach lining. This will, over time, lead to damage occurring on the stomach lining. Most of the common stomach disorders lead to the development of stomach ulcers. These are small eruptions of raw, exposed tissue that form as a result of the damage caused to the tissues by acids and enzymes. Individuals suffering from stomach disorders that cause ulcers may experience acid reflux.

Acid reflux is a condition where the throat and chest experience a burning sensation. This happens when the stomach is suffering from some digestive problem. During an attack of acid reflux, a small amount of acidic fluid from the stomach rises up the esophagus. Normally, food is not supposed to return up the food pipe, except when the individual is vomiting. Acid reflux is therefore often termed as a case where partial regurgitation of food has taken place. Acid reflux is one of the common stomach disorders and is rather unpleasant for the individual. Over a period of time, an individual may experience serious health issues if there is persistent acid reflux.

There is also a relationship between stomach disorders and dizziness. The stomach is where the food is broken down for digestion. If this process of break down does not happen effectively, the individual may not be able to absorb food properly. This leads to a situation where there is insufficient food in the system. Insufficient food often causes dizziness. This is why many people experience stomach disorders and dizziness simultaneously.

Individuals may also experience stomach disorders and bad breath simultaneously. This happens because the stomach is directly connected to the mouth. When digestion takes place, food is normally processed and passed into the intestinal system. When digestion is improper, food may ferment in the stomach and may release gases. In fact, stomach gas is one of the most common symptoms of stomach disorders. These gases will release upwards from the stomach into the esophagus and eventually into the mouth. Some individuals may experience not taste from these gases while others may even experience a foul taste with these gases. However, stomach disorders and bad breath are almost always concurrent as the gases can easily be smelt by an individual who is near a patient suffering from stomach disorders.

It is important to visit a doctor when one is suffering from a stomach disorder. Many stomach disorders are easily sorted out which is what makes an even stronger case for an individual to visit a doctor. Some stomach disorders may also take a toll on the life of the individual if the disorders are allowed to continue for long periods of time. Hence, it is best to seek a diagnosis and treatment for the stomach disorder that is bothering the patient.

The treatment for most common stomach disorders is simple. Individuals suffering from common stomach disorders may avoid many types of foods until their digestion is back on track. Spicy foods may be avoided at this time. It is also good to avoid heavy meals and meals that contain plenty of fat in them. These meals are difficult to digest at the best of times. When the stomach is functioning poorly, it is too much to ask it to digest heavy meals. Heavy meals may also lead to indigestion and to a further worsening of the already delicate condition. Individuals may also consume anti-acid medications when they experience stomach cramps and stomach burning.

One of the common symptoms of a stomach disorders is belly cramps and diarrhea. This is often very uncomfortable for the individual and may lead to difficulty in working.  During an attack of belly cramps and diarrhea, it is important to keep the body properly hydrated. Dehydration will only worsen the condition of the patient.

Individuals with prolonged stomach disorders should visit a doctor for a consultation. Digestion is one of the basic functions of the human body. When this function does not work, a whole range of body functions will be compromised. Most common stomach disorders are easily treated, but it may still be good to visit a doctor to ensure that the right kind of treatment is afforded to the individual.  Stomach disorders may, over time, create problems that become permanent. It is therefore best to improve one’s diet and to treat any stomach problems that occur. A good, balanced diet is essential for all individuals who wish to avoid long term stomach health problems.

Submitted on January 16, 2014