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Ideal Weight For Women By Age And Height

Ideal weight for women (by age and height) is calculated based on one’s age and height.  This index was introduced and implemented in the late nineteenth century.  Several modifications later, this ratio between height and weight is now recognized universally. This formula is widely accepted as a thumb rule while deciding dosage of life saving drugs and other medicines.

Factors that could affect the ideal weight for women by age and height are age, height, type of body, ethnicity, hereditary traits, medical history, nutrition, lifestyle, and rate of metabolism (which varies from person to person). Metabolism or body mass index (BMI) is the body’s capacity to burn calories (from the food we eat) to produce energy for daily activities. BMI is calculated based on one’s weight and height.

The body’s ability to assimilate medication is also influenced by one being of normal weight, under or overweight. This index could differ in body-developers and weight watchers. Done under expert supervision, with a healthy diet and proper exercise, anyone can achieve the ideal weight (according to her age and height).  A weight chart is used to calculate the ideal weight in women. The average weight of a woman (by height and weight) who’s 5’6’’ should be between 99 to 121 pounds. Nowadays, the basic rule followed by medical experts for medication is a 5 foot woman should have an ideal weight of 45.5 kg, and for every inch above 5 feet, 2.3 kg.

The ideal weight for a woman depends on many variables. Healthy weight for women (by height and age) can be maintained through the following:

• Maintaining one’s weight or BMI is not to look good, but to feel good.
• Regular physical exercise according to one’s requirements and ability.
• A healthy and positive mental attitude.
• After the age of 35, it becomes harder to keep those extra pounds away, thus extra effort in terms of exercise and/or diet control may be necessary.
• Menopause is an important milestone as body metabolism slows down due to hormonal imbalance. It needs that extra impetus to keep one’s weight in check.

What is the recommended weight for women (by height)? Why should it play such an important role? Weight, whether on the lower or higher side, could play havoc with one’s health. The former could give rise to anemia, a weakened immune system, and respiratory and cardiac complications. On other hand, obesity could lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary and other serious health conditions.
Submitted on January 16, 2014