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kidney stone

  • Water and Weight Gain | How To Get Rid Of Water Weight Gain | Pregnancy
    Water weight gain - Water weight gain can be described as the amount of weight a person puts on mainly due to the retention of water in the body.[...]

  • Appendicitis Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Other Complications
    Appendicitis InformationAppendicitis is a condition in which the appendix, a small balloon shaped organ in the lower digestive tract, becomes inflamed. Characterized by severe abdominal pain starting from your navel, the symptoms can be slightly difficult to diagnose as its symptoms are similar to that of gastroenteritis, urinary tract infection[...]

  • Dysuria or Burning Urine - Causes, Remedies and Treatment
    Burning Urine Remedy Burning urine is a characteristic symptom of a urinary tract infection. The bladder, which is made up of stretchable muscles, holds urine. However, there may be occasional pains in the bladder when you have urinary tract infection. As the urine flows out from the bladder to the[...]

  • Diet Treatment For Gallstones Sufferers | Gallstones Foods To Avoid
    Diet For Gallstones SufferersGall bladder stones are a very common problem, which can affect people of all ages. These stones can appear in different sizes; at times, gall stones could be as small as a grain of sand, whereas at other times, they could be as big as a golf[...]

  • Cranberry Juice - Use for Kidney Stones Treatment and Other Conditions
    Cranberry Juice Health BenefitsAmong the various fruits and vegetables that dieticians recommend we include in our diets, berries occupy a very important place thanks to the vast array of nutrients packed in them. For visual appeal, flavor, taste, texture, and nutritive value, nothing beats fruits like strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, and[...]

  • Protein Carbohydrate Diet - Effective Weight Loss Diet
    Protein And Low Carbohydrate Diet For Weight Loss We all are aware of the specific functions of proteins and carbohydrates. Proteins are instrumental in building body tissues and carbohydrates are an instant source of energy. Did you know that these nutrients can help you reduce weight? Protein carbohydrate diet for[...]

  • Detoxification Diet For Kidneys Treatment And Liver Cleaning
    Therapeutic Diets And Herbs For Kidney Treatment When you suffer from a kidney disease the kidneys can no longer perform their function of filtering waste products from the blood. A specialized diet plan can help to limit the buildup of wastes and fluid in the blood and will decrease the[...]

  • Milk - Rich Source of Calcium and Essential Nutrients
    Milk help prevents migraine attacksMammals which give milk include goat, buffalo, camel and sheep. But cow’s milk is preferred throughout the world over milk from any other mammals for various purposes.Infants are feed only on milk for 6 months after birth and it forms a basis of[...]

  • Diet for Bypass Surgery and Kidney Disease Nutrition
    Diet for Gastritis Bypass Surgery To plan a detailed diet chart a lot of detailed information is needed like your sex, height, weight, body frame, level of physical activity, other medical issues, past medical history, your choices, current diet and lifestyle pattern. Along with a heart problem you also seem[...]

  • Exercises For Hip, Lower Back Fat Reduction - Paleo and Ketogenic Diet
    A fruit diet for weight reduction would include fruits such as apples and papaya that have the ability to break down fat cells in the body and thereby increase the rate of reduction of fats in the body.[...]

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