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jaundice treatment

  • Removing Gall bladder Stones
    Formation of gall bladder stones are constipation, intake of rich and heavy meals that are rich in fats and protein and refined carbohydrates[...]

  • Remedies for Ulcerative Colitis
    Ulcerative colitis treatment: I have ulcerative colitis since 4 year. I am suffering lot, please advice what should I do. Would surgery work or not?[...]

  • Dietary Tips and Foods for Treating Viral Hepatitis
    Viral hepatitis is characterized by inflammation of the liver. The condition is caused by a virus. Two main types of hepatitis have been recognized, namely hepatitis A and hepatitis B. However, new strains of viruses have now been discovered. These include hepatitis C, hepatitis E and hepatitis D. Other viruses[...]

  • Hiatus Hernia - Natural Remedies, Cures | Alcohol Effects on Hiatus Hernia
    One of the Hiatal hernia natural cures is to gently massage the upper part of the abdomen a few times a day to ease the condition. Strengthening the abdominal muscles with exercise heals hiatal hernias.[...]

  • Dietary tips for Heartburn and Peptic ulcers
    There are many foods are really beneficial in the treatment of peptic ulcer and its common symptom - heart burn.[...]

  • Dietary Tips for Ameobosis | Amoebiasis Symptoms & Treatment
    Ameobosis diet and cure-The common symptoms of amebiasis include gastrointestinal discomfort, gas, stomach pains, and diarrhea. A complete amoebiasis cure and recovery can be achieved in a few days of treatment and must be followed up with improved hygien[...]

  • Diet for Peptic Ulcer
    Erosion of the inner lining of the stomach by the secreted acid is referred to as peptic ulcer. Read further to know more.[...]

  • Alternative Treatment to reduce Breast and Tummy Fat
    There are a number of exercises which can flatten the tummy and tone overall muscles. However since breasts are not made of muscle but fat tissues. Re[...]

  • Alternative Baby Food
    There are a number of lactose free infant formulas depending upon the age of your child. Read further to know more.[...]

  • Alternative Cure for Hair loss
    Diet makes a huge difference to the weight that you carry and the quality of hair. Its about maintaining the perfect balance of diet.[...]

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