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  • Diet For Abdominal Pain And Foods For Stomach
    Diet For Chronic Abdominal Pain My mom is having abdominal pain and discomfort, abdominal swelling, foul breath, pain and discomfort in right breast, painful bowel movements. What could it be? Please suggest the diet for treating these symptoms Abdominal discomfort and pain accompanied by a general feeling of discomfort, diarrhea[...]

  • Weight Loss Pills Side Effects | Best And Safest Weight Loss Pill
    Best And Safest Weight Loss Pill - In order to narrow down on which is the safest weight loss pill or what would be the best weight loss pill for you, it is important to consult a health professional.[...]

  • Milk Allergy And Allergy Remedies
    Treating Milk Allergy And Allergy Symptoms I don't know why but I feel I am getting allergic to milk day by day. Should I stop taking milk in any form? Suggest me some milk supplements which my body might be able to take. Milk allergies are generally caused when[...]

  • Vitamin B3: Sources, Deficiency Symptoms and Healing Properties
    VITAMIN B3 (NIACIN)  Niacin is soluble in water. It is one of the most stable vitamins and is resistant to heat. But alcohol, food processing, sleeping pills and sulphur drugs can destroy it. It is stored in all the tissues, after being absorbed from both the intestines and stomach[...]

  • Dietary fiber helps correct colon disorders that may lead to cancer
    Dietary Fiber May be Helpful in Treating Colon Cancer. Dietary fiber is found in the part of a plant that maintains the structure of a plant. Examples of high fibers are cellulose, polysaccharides, pectins, gums, hemicellulose, lignins, and mucilages. Though these fibers are not linked with each other chemically, yet[...]

  • Melon Juice Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts
    Melon Juice Health Benefits, NutritionMelons belong to the Cucurbitaceae family and are enjoyed by both adults as well as children. The well-known varieties of melons include watermelon, muskmelon, honeydew melon, and bitter melon. Melon juice is not only a great thirst quencher, it also helps ease inflammations and other[...]

  • Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Dysentery
    Dysentery Symptoms and SignsDysentery is a digestive disorder that may occur from time to time. The human digestive system is a long tract that has a number of different parts. Dysentery occurs when the lining of the large intestine gets affected. This lining gets infected by bacteria causing an inflammation[...]

  • Nutrition for Cancer Treatment: Facts, Process and Benefits
    Nutrition Before Cancer Treatment During cancer treatment some of your healthy cells will also be damaged along with the cancer cells. Hence, it is very essential to build up your strength before cancer treatment to help your body endure the effects of cancer treatment. Taking a well balanced diet before[...]

  • Healthy Diet for Intestine Infections Treatment
    Diet for intestine infection: What is the diet for amebiasis?Amebiasis is an infection of the intestine, liver or any other tissue caused by protozoan parasites or ameba - entamoeba histolytica. This orgasm finds its way in the body through ingested foods or contaminated water (by infected feces). This is a[...]

  • Epigastric Pain Quarry | Epigastric Pain Causes & Symptoms | Epigastric Pain Radiating To Back
    Causes of epigastric pain - Individuals suffering from poor digestion or indigestion may suffer from epigastric pain. . Epigastric pain due to indigestion may cause a feeling of discomfort, nausea, belching, and flatulence.[...]

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