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  • Body Building Diet | Muscle Toning Diet | Muscle Building Foods
    Body building diet - When one is seeking to build muscles, a body building diet is essential. A combination of diet and exercise used to determine the body shape and health by managing fat and developing muscles.[...]

  • Calorie chart will help you maintain your calorie count
    Calorie chart for healthier and fitter lifestyle: Can I get the calorie chart for normal food?[...]

  • Exercises After Lunch - Running & Walking Effects | Fruits Post Lunch
    Running post lunch is not advisable in most cases. Eating fruits after lunch, especially high starch and protein fruits can further prolong the process of digestion.[...]

  • L Glutamine Supplementation | Glutamine Rich Foods | Glutamine Body Building
    L Glutamine is an amino acid that is found in the body in an extremely large quantity. It is being touted as the next best kind of diet that will assist in building and developing bulk and muscle mass.[...]

  • What is a Diet Plateau and Tips to Overcome It
    Overcome Diet PlateauThere comes a phase in Diet-Plan where you cannot lose any-more weight, no matter how hard you try. This is the plateau-period, which may dishearten and force you to abandon your efforts. The only way out of this period is to increase your aerobic exercise[...]

  • Healthy Fitness Meals for Men to Gain Weight
    Healthy Meals for Men Men and women have different rates of metabolism and therefore, have different nutritional needs. Meals for women are more focused on combatting stress and keeping fitness levels high, while for men, they are more focused on building strength. For men, who are planning to improve their[...]

  • Tips to Reduce Weight | Oats For Reducing Weight | Reducing Belly Fat
    Oats For Reducing Weight - Reducing weight is more vital than just looking good.Reducing your calorie consumption is a good start.[...]

  • Excuses for Not Exercising - Advantages of Physical Activities
    Common excuses for not exercising Exercise has many benefits such as increased energy, better moods, and a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a regular workout routine is imperative to long-term health, yet, it is so easy for us to exclude exercise from our daily lives. Ten most common excuses for skipping[...]

  • Pros and Cons of Exercising At Various Times
    Best Time to ExerciseMany people consider exercise program worthless, because they will never be able to achieve those perfect bodies. Some imagine it to be harder and complicated than what it is. Others consider it more painful than gainful. So they give up before actually starting the exercises. Exercise can[...]

  • Guidelines, Criteria and Components of a Healthy Diet Plan
    5 Factor Diet FitnessThe five factor diet fitness is gaining popularity with many celebrities carrying out the plan. It involves both the fitness as well as the diet. It is the factor of five consisting of diet and exercises like 5 meals a day, 5 workouts per week and each[...]

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