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  • Benefits and Side Effects of Blessed Thistle Herb
    Blessed Thistle Herb BenefitsThe stems, leaves and flowers of blessed thistle have been used traditionally in the form of bitter tonic drinks and in combination with other preparations taken orally to enhance appetite and digestion. Various laboratory tests are been conducted on this herb for its usefulness in health conditions[...]

  • Home Remedies For Urine Discoloration | Urine Discoloration Treatment At Home
    Treating Urine At Home With Effective Natural Cures Yellow discoloration of urine occurs due to various reasons. Dark coloration of the urine is fairly common in the summer months, due to dehydration. Certain medications and even certain vitamins like vitamin B and riboflavin supplements can add to the yellow color[...]

  • Parsley: Facts, Nutrients, Uses and Health Benefits
    ParsleyA balanced meal will always have fish, meat, fruits, and generous portions of vegetables.  Each food group promotes good health when taken in the right proportions.  Eating more meat than fruits and vegetables can lead to ailments like heart disease and arthritis.   The beneficial nutrients in[...]

  • Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetable Juices
    Juice Therapy Juice therapy is not a new medical system. It has been around for a few decades as juice therapy, while it has probably been around for generations before as simply good nutrition. Juice therapy follows a motto of ‘one disease – one solution’. The basis of[...]

  • Health Benefits, Nutritional Facts and Side Effects of Cane Juice
    Cane Juice Health BenefitsSugar in its raw form can actually be beneficial for us. It contains vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. It is the processed, white sugar that has been stripped of all valuable stuff that needs to be steered clear of. Cane juice has become increasingly popular[...]

  • Health Benefits of Drinking Sweet Lime Juice Daily
    Lime Water And Lime Juice Health Benefits Here is a fruit that has been used for medicinal purposes for ages. Scientifically known as Citrus Aurantifolia, lemons or lime is good for a host of diseases ranging from scurvy to ulcers, digestion to eye care.Lime is consumed in various forms[...]

  • Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Recovery Options for Anaemia
    What is Anaemia? AnaemiaAnaemia is the term used for abnormally low levels of hemoglobin (Hb) in the blood. This is usually an impact from consumption of refined foods and is among the most common diseases affecting human beings. Hemoglobin is the red, iron-containing pigment that is stored in red[...]

  • Diet For Abnormal Liver Enzymes And Elevated Liver Disorders
    Treatment For Increased Liver Enzymes And Liver Cirrhosis I am 52, female, hypertensive and 200 ibs. I recently have raised levels of liver enzymes and random blood sugar. What can I eat and drink? The levels of liver enzymes determine the extent of damage and the presence of diseases. SGOT[...]

  • Vitamin K: Information, Food Sources, Deficiency Symptoms
    Vitamin K Information, Benefits And Foods Rich In Vitamin KVitamin K is important for the normal functioning of the liver. Excessive menstrual flow in women can be reduced with its aid. It is also involved in the energy producing activities of the tissues, particularly those of the nervous system. And[...]

  • Information on Natural and Curative Properties of Drumsticks
    Drumsticks benefitsDrumsticks are common vegetables that are found in certain parts of Asia. This vegetable is highly valued, mainly for its antibacterial, medicinal and cleansing properties. In fact almost every part of the drumstick plant has some therapeutic value or the other. People are known to use the roots, bark[...]

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