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healthy eating habits

  • Healthy Raw Food Diet | Raw Food Diet Nutrition | Raw Food Health Benefits
    The raw food diet is based on uncooked and unprocessed plant foods. The proponents of the diet believe that there are numerous health benefits of a raw foods diet. Some of the these benefits include increased energy levels, better digestion, weight loss,[...]

  • Increased Appetite Trouble - Why Fat People Have Higher Urge To Eat?
    All About Appetite - Effective Diet Plan For Suppressing Appetite Generally fat people are hungrier. Why is it so with their appetite? What should be the effective diet plan for them? It is not really true that fat people are always hungrier this is a misconception. People who are overweight are[...]

  • Advice on Smash Diet
    Smash Diet: Help me please someone - what is smash diet will help me a lot if someone can answer?[...]

  • Food For Growth And Energy For Life
    Food Information For Kids For Better Growth How can good food aid in the better growth and health of kids? It is important to plan a healthy diet for children to encourage optimum growth and improve their immune system, making them more resistant to the various infections and diseases to[...]

  • Healthy Diet Tips
    Food Pyramid Diet: I am looking for a healthy diet. Please tell me how a Food Pyramid Diet would help me.?[...]

  • Weight Reduction Diet Chart To Lose Weight
    Weight Loss for Kids and Tips to make a Diet Chart The weight for your 10 year old girl falls in the normal BMI according to her height. So the main focus should be on providing a healthy diet and inculcating healthy eating habits at this stage to maintain an[...]

  • Causes of Frequent Hiccups and Hiccups Treatment
    Hiccups Causes and How to Get Rid of Hiccups? Hiccups refer to involuntary contractions of the diaphragm muscles. The diaphragm normally functions perfectly helping pull air into the lungs when you inhale. Sometimes however irritation to the diaphragm causes it to pull down in a jerky manner causing a sudden[...]

  • Home Remedies for Loss of Appetite | Cure | Causes of Loss of Appetite
    Home Remedies for Loss of Appetite Causes of Loss of Appetite: There are many reasons that cause lack of appetite or reduction in appetite. These reasons can be linked to not only physical health but also mental/emotional frame of mind. Apart from serious health conditions and eating disorders, some[...]

  • Daily Calorie Requirement And Calorie Intake For Children
    Calorie Needs And Daily Calorie Requirement Calculator Can somebody tell me what the average calorie consumption for a 15 month old hispanic child ? I know somebody who is a rather thin child and was wondering about that figure. Thanks Depending upon the child's size and activity level the average[...]

  • Diet Chart For Kids | Healthy Diet Chart For Children | Information on Kids Diet Chart
    A diet chart for kids can help promote healthy eating habits by promoting a variety of foods in the diet and balancing it with regular and meaningful physical activity.A diet chart for kids typically contains meal plans and diets which conform to the dail[...]

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