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Cancer fighting foods

  • How Is Sugar Running Your Health Down? | Know All About Sugar Diet
    Who can resist a sweet cup of coffee and that plate of dessert after a good night’s meal or a slab of chocolate every now and then? For those of us with a sweet tooth, these little rituals are almost a necessity; a ritual to be savored. However, there[...]

  • Benefits Of Carbohydrates Lipid Proteins For Health, Energy, Immunity And Muscle Building
    Advantages of carbohydrates include regulating different metabolic processes in the body and preventing ketosis and breaking down fatty acids as they are rich in phytonutrients.[...]

  • Garnished Carrot Bundles | Ingredients | Health Benefits
    Garnished Carrot Bundles Ingredients Carrot, medium – 2 Spring onions or green onions – 3 sprigs Method: Take two tender young carrots and peel them. Cut lengthwise and slice away a thin wedge from each of the carrots. This is necessary to provide stability to the carrots when you begin to slice[...]

  • Natural, Chinese Herbs for Cancer Treatment and Cures
    Anticancer HerbsDamage caused to the DNA due to factors like aging, exposure to carcinogens and genetic weaknesses can lead to cancer in most cases. Cancer is one of the most common diseases today and can affect almost any part of the body. Anticancer herbs and spices can help reduce DNA[...]

  • Nutrition For Fatigue And Fatigue Syndrome
    Best Diet For Adrenal Fatigue I get tired soon even if I don't do much work. Please suggest me some dietary tips which prevent fatigue. People generally get tired if they fit in too many activities into their day or if they are drained out at work. But if[...]

  • Diet for Ovarian Cancer and Foods to Avoid
    Ovarian Cancer DietTumors that are malignant or cancerous in nature begin to develop on the ovaries, thus leading to ovarian cancer. Factors which cause ovarian cancer include hereditary genes, infertility, obesity and hormonal treatments. Although it is not possible to control some of the factors which cause this cancer, a[...]

  • Hepatitis B Symptoms Causes, Diet | Milk Thistle, Vitamin B, Whey Protein For Hepatitis B
    Milk thistle supplement to helps to protect the liver. Vitamin A, B Complex and B12 and fresh lime juice helps patients suffering from hepatitis B.[...]

  • Vegetables For Weight Loss | Soup, Green Beans, Steamed Cabbage For Losing Weight
    Cooked vegetables can be extremely beneficial in helping you lose weight. Reducing the number of calories you eat over a period of time can help in weight reduction.[...]

  • Stop Chewing or Smoking Tobacco: Facts and Health Risks
    Tobacco Addiction And Ill Effects Of TobaccoBille Tuttle was the spitting outfielder for the Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Athletics, and Minnesota Twins. He died of oral cancer at the age of 69.  He would have lived longer had he not chewed tobacco to shorten his life. Chewing tobacco is[...]

  • Food and exercise to burn more calories is a fat fighting fact
    Fat Fighting Facts Firstly dine at home to the maximum, because obesity seems to be associated with meals eaten at restaurants, probably because the meals are over sized.Small frequent meals, prevents you from overeating and keeps your body fueled throughout the day.Compulsorily eat 3 servings of fruits and[...]

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