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  • Weight Gain during Summer
    Diet plays a very important role in muscle and weight gain. Eat more to gain mass. Read further to know more.[...]

  • You are lower than your ideal body weight by around 12 kgs
    Increase the frequency and quantity of your meals: I am slim, height 166 cm, weight 52 kgs less in weight. What type of food to take to built a good figure? Please tell me time wise if possible till date I have no diseases.[...]

  • Diet for Cancer Patients | Alternative Treatments for Cancer | Natural Cures for Cancer
    Cancer unlike most other health issues is not directly liked to ones diet and lifestyle. Regular exercise with a minimal or no intake of alcohol and smoking is ideal to prevent or combat cancer.[...]

  • Hidden Fats in Foods: Dairy Products, Salad, Soup
    Beware of The Hidden FatsAll that we need is 1Tbsp of polyunsaturated fat each day, but we eat 6-8 times more than that. Most of the fat in our diet unfortunately goes unnoticed. Hidden fats are found in chocolates, ice cream, nuts, deep fried foods, hard cheeses, creamed soups[...]

  • List of Low Fat Foods and Complex Carbohydrates in Meals
    Low Fat Foods   Low fat diet – For people looking to lose and control fluctuating weight, a low fat diet is a good idea. As the name suggests, a low fat diet plan is based on limiting the amount of fat consumed in one meal. The body needs some[...]

  • Soya Bean Oil Health Benefits & Uses | Soya Bean Oil Allergy
    Soya bean oil benefits - Soya bean oil is extracted from soya bean. One of the soyabean oil benefits is the fact that it is quite low in saturated fat content. Besides the use of soyabean oil for allergy affected skin is also widely known.[...]

  • Easy Food Habits to Maintain to Stay Healthy
    All of us know that it is always good to be healthy. In order to maintain good health, you need to follow good eating habits. All parents are always concerned about the health of their children. As a parent, it is your responsibility to inculcate healthy eating habits in your[...]

  • Nutritional Recipes for a Healthy Heart - Recommended Foods
    Heart Healthy RecipesHeart disease comes in many forms and today is one the big lifestyle disease killers. While there are medical ways to stop and cure heart diseases, you can do so with an improvement in your lifestyle. You can alter your lifestyle by bringing in some exercise and eating[...]

  • Low Fat Diet Plan - Benefits, Recipes and Menu
    Low fat diet   A low fat diet plan is a diet plan that is designed in such a manner that it tends to contain very little fat especially cholesterol and saturated fats, which are known to be the primary culprits behind high levels of blood cholesterol as well[...]

  • Adult Diabetes Health Advice | Adult Onset Diabetes Diet Symptoms
    Adult Onset Diabetes Diet - Adult onset diabetes symptoms include excessive thirst, hunger, frequent urination and weight loss. Dizziness and excessive sweating may also occur as symptoms of adult onset diabetes.[...]

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