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uric acid

  • Health Benefits of Consuming Halibut Fish
    HalibutHalibut is a largest salt water fish and one of the largest flatfish weighing up to 660 pounds. It is a lean fish with few bones, pure white flesh with fine texture and grey-brown skin. The halibut meat is adored among the fish lovers; it has a delicate sweet[...]

  • Vitamin B12 Source - Snapper and Its Benefits
    SnapperThere are more than 180 species of snapper all over the world and all of them belong to the fish family Lutjanidae. Snapper is found in all waters worldwide, and it can be enjoyed throughout the year. It gets the name snapper from its canine like teeth in the upper[...]

  • Fish Oil Health Benefits For Joints, Cholesterol, Weight Loss
    Salmon, mackerel, trout, pilchards and sardines all count as oily fish, whether canned or fresh. The health benefits of fish oil are that they contain fewer harmful fats and calories. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish help prevent heart disease.[...]

  • Healing Foods For Acidity | Know How To Treat Acidity With Alkine Free Foods
    Acidity is a problem that occurs when there is an excess of acid production in the stomach. This is not an abnormality but rather required because it is acid that breaks down food into its individual constituents of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and so on. When food is swallowed and sent[...]

  • General Motors Diet Wonder Soup
    Wonder soup is prepared from different vegetables like onions, green pepper, cabbage and so on. This soup in can be consumed in unlimited amounts.[...]

  • Dietary tips for Heartburn and Peptic ulcers
    There are many foods are really beneficial in the treatment of peptic ulcer and its common symptom - heart burn.[...]

  • GM Diet for Vegetarians | General Motors Vegetarian Diet Plan
    GM Diet for Vegetarians  The General Motors diet or the GM diet for vegetarians is a modification on the GM diet that was apparently made for GM employees in the 1990’s. This General Motors diet is a well known one which is quite difficult to follow. The[...]

  • Acid Reflux Diet Food Facts And Figures - Myths And Diet Solutions
    Diet Tips For Treating Acid RefluxAcid reflux is a condition that is more simply called acidity. This is an irritating condition that is caused by too much acid being created in the stomach. This is a complex process that is controlled by the hormone gastrin. Gastrin works at many levels[...]

  • Home Remedies: Treatments for Wrinkles | Anti Aging Skin Treatments
    Home Remedies: Treatments for Wrinkles The appearance of wrinkles is the natural result of ageing of the skin. Ageing is a complex biological process that happens as our bodies degrade and die. The process is defined in our DNA in arrangements at the end of DNA called telomeres. These are[...]

  • Chicken: Facts, Nutrients, Vitamins, Proteins and Health Benefits
    ChickenChicken or Gallus domesticus is one of the most preferred, nutritious and tasty part of a meal. Broiled, poached, grilled chicken and roasted chicken are the various varieties. It is a good source of protein and can be had in lieu with red meat. Around 68% of the daily value[...]

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