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general motors diet plan

The general motors diet plan is a weekly diet chart that can help you lose anywhere between 10 and 17 pounds in one week. Apart from the weight loss benefit, this diet plan has several other benefits too. The general motors diet plan is believed to bring about an improvement in the attitudes and the emotions of a person who follows it. It also has a cleansing effect on the body. However, there are two ground rules of the general motors diet plan. The first one is that you need to drink at least ten glasses or water each day. The second ground rule is abstaining from alcohol completely.

Given below is the weekly general motors diet plan:

  • Day 1: On the first day of your diet, you can eat only fruits. Apart from bananas, you can eat any kind of fruit in any amount that you like. The diet recommends melons, over other fruits, for faster weight loss. If you stick to the consumption of fruits such as watermelons and cantaloupes, you could lose up to 3 pounds on the very first day of your diet.
  • Day 2: On the second day of your diet, you move to eating only vegetables, preferably in the raw form. The chart recommends that you eat till you are full, regardless of whether you are eating raw or cooked vegetables. You can eat any vegetable that you like on this day and there is no restriction on the quantity either. In fact, the breakfast that is recommended by this diet on day 2 is baked potato, with some butter.
  • Day 3: You can eat a combination of fruits and vegetables on the third day of your diet. However, you are not allowed to eat bananas and potato on this day.
  • Day 4: The diet that you need to follow on the fourth day, consists only of milk and bananas.
  • Day 5: On this day, you can eat as much beef and tomatoes, as you like. In fact, you need to consume 6 whole tomatoes on this day. You can even eat a hamburger, on this day, as long as you eat the recommended number of tomatoes.
  • Day 6: Beef needs to be eaten on this day too, along with vegetables. Again, you can eat the vegetables of your choice and there is no restriction on the amount you eat.
  • Day 7: On the last day of the general motors diet plan, you need to eat brown rice, with any vegetable that you like. Once again, there are not limits to how much you can consume. You are also allowed to drink fruit juices on the last day.

It is believed that you can follow the general motors diet plan for a longer time, with a break in between. However, it is best to consult a doctor, before adopting any diet plan.


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