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Good Fats

Watching one’s weight has become a thing of priority over the last few decades, and people are becoming extremely conscious of the foods they consume. There are a variety of foods available that help in providing the body with the nutrition required for functioning, that are also healthy in nature and keep you feeling well at all times. Foods contain carbohydrates and fats that are segregated according to whether they are good fats or bad fats. Most deep fried foods contain bad fats that cause health complications in the long run, and these foods should be avoided. There are a number of foods that contain good fats to eat – fats which do not assist in weight gain, and are primarily used for the production of energy in the body.

What are Good Fats

To answer the question “What are good fats?” it has been studied that fats provided through natural sources are the best for good health.
Consumption of fat foods in excess will cause a certain amount of harm to the body. For example, potato based products contain starch and carbohydrates that form fats in the body. Excess consumption of products made of potato, such as deep fried chips, will cause health complications for you, sooner or later. There is constant questioning about whether in contrast to good fats, bad fats are also necessary for the body. Good fats and bad fats are both required by the body for very specific purposes, and it is necessary that your body be provided with the required nutrition for smooth functioning. Bad fats can be burnt off through a little daily light exercise that helps to keep in shape. To check the internet for a good fats list would be beneficial in helping you avoid foods that are not really helpful to the maintenance of good health and overall functioning of the body.

Good Fats Vs Bad Fats

The ongoing battle with respect to good fats vs bad fats causes much confusion as there are a number of people who come up with contradictory theories. The best way to assess which foods are required for good health is to have a complete health check up and then ask the doctor’s advice on foods that are to be consumed and foods that are to be avoided. A list of good fats may also be provided by your doctor, to assist you in keeping a check on your health status. The doctor is aware of all the complications that may arise in the event you consume certain foods and will therefore be the best person to provide you with a list of the same. Certain foods with good fats are recommended for consumption. However, as with all other things, anything consumed in excess can be bad and therefore people are advised to keep a check on the amount of food they consume. Similar to a list of good fats, bad fats lists are also available over the internet, giving people advice about fats that could be harmful to their health. Knowing the status of your health is extremely important in order to assess what are the good fats that you are capable of consuming, without putting your body at risk. To make yourself aware of what are the good fats to eat, it is recommended that you make an attempt to read up on literature that is easily available over the internet, or through health magazines, giving you in depth knowledge of the foods that you are attempting to consume for health purposes. Vegetables and meats are a good source of fats and other nutrients that are required for smooth functioning of the body.


Submitted on January 16, 2014