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Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

Fibromyalgia is a serious medical condition about which not much is still known. Though the symptoms of this disorder are hard to identify, with the proper diagnostic techniques, patients can be diagnosed and given the correct treatment. Unfortunately, doctors have not yet found a way to completely cure this condition.

The medical treatment of fibromyalgia is loosely based on pain medication, counseling, and physiotherapy. However, often these are not enough for fibromyalgia pain management. Many patients may not feel any improvements even after days of therapy.
It is also common for people to feel distressed because the treatment never seems to work. The depression and anxiety about the disorder in turn makes it worse.

Fibromyalgia Pain Medication

Fibromyalgia pain medication may control the pain temporarily. However, as the effect of the medication wears out, you may start to feel pain once again. Holistic, alternative therapies therefore often offer a better chance at pain management and treatment and fibromyalgia pain relief.

Fibromyalgia natural pain relief can be achieved through alternative techniques like yoga and meditation. While yoga strengthens the body, the movements also help massage the tissues and organs within. Since fibromyalgia is believed to originate from the musculoskeletal system of the body, yoga poses and the internal massage it can provide can help to provide fibromyalgia pain relief. Meditation and breathing techniques are performed to stimulate better circulation and improve mental functioning. With the help of yoga, you can also get rid of the triggers that can cause pain and discomfort. Since yoga is also a spiritual discipline, the inherent spirituality can help restore faith and lower depression and anxiety.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils For Fibromyalgia Pain

Aromatherapy is another natural therapy for fibromyalgia pain relief. These essential oils, which are extracted from natural plant products, can help you in a variety of ways, without any side effects. Natural essential oils have healing and therapeutic qualities and when the right kind of oils are used, they may turn out to be more soothing and relaxing than the pain medication that you have been taking to treat fibromyalgia.

Some of the essential oils which are considered excellent for fibromyalgia are lavender essential oils and the oils of basil and marjoram. Lavender essential oil is a great natural method of providing fibromyalgia pain relief. Basil and marjoram oils are very effective for treating cramps and spasms. When mixed together with a massage oil and used for fibromyalgia massage therapy, these oils can have a therapeutic effect on the body. Peppermint oil is another great essential oil which can help reduce the dull aching pain. You can mix a few drops of peppermint oil with regular massage oil and use it to massage the areas where you experience the most amount of pain and discomfort. For extreme pain, mix together a few drops of lavender and peppermint essential oil, mix it with sesame oil, and rub this on the areas where the pain is being experienced.

However, when you are planning to use these oils, it is important that you use only those oils which are pure and of a therapeutic grade. Oils extracted from organically grown plants are most therapeutic. These should not contain any additives or chemical solvents.

You can also visit a chiropractor or try acupressure to get fibromyalgia pain relief. Both of these therapies work to ensure that the body remains healthy and is free from pain. It is also important to keep your body free from toxins. Therefore, improving your diet and adding more raw foods like salads, fruits, and vegetables can help you eliminate toxins from the body. If you are not getting certain minerals and vitamins from your diet, try taking nutritional supplements. With the help of these natural remedies, fibromyalgia pain can be managed to a large extent.
Submitted on January 16, 2014