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Personality Profiles

Personality has been classified and coded with colors, to suit various styles. This avoids interference of being good and/or bad personalities. Other systems have adopted responses to questions, for brain dominance. Holistic thought patterns are dominant and associated with right brain, while sequential thinking has been associated with left-brain dominance. The systems have been refined, to include a second-dimension that forms a quadrant system of limbic and cerebral components.

Strengths and weakness are a part of each of these systems.

While defining various dimensions of personality the use of descriptors make the system weak. In recent time 4 quadrant personality characters that is, Life, Intuitive, Formal and Expedition (initial letters of the 4 words spell life) are the 4 descriptors that have been used to develop system. An additional dimension that involves past, present and future projections and perceptions, is included in a second level refinement described as Core, Expected and Desired tendencies. And for a nominal fee a written assessment tool can be obtained and processed.

Detachment from responsibility has been one of the major dangers associated with pop-psychology. And acceptance of our own responsibilities and that of others can successfully create self-awareness self-acceptance coupled with the assertions of our individual rights.

Submitted on January 16, 2014