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Orange Fruit Health Benefits

Oranges are widely grown in subtropical and tropical climates. The orange, as we know today, is probably a hybrid of a pomelo and mandarin, and it is a type of berry. It is mostly is peeled and eaten to avoid the bitter rind; it can also be juiced. Dry and fresh orange rinds do find their place in certain dishes. There are many species of oranges, namely, mandarin, bitter, trifoliate, and bergamot, all which fall under the citrus genus.
Further, there are numerous varieties of oranges unique to the place that they are grown such as Valencia, Hamlin, Mosambi, midsweet, Nagpur, sathgudi, and tomango, among others.


Health benefits and medicinal uses

The health benefits of eating oranges have been known for centuries. The benefits of oranges are not just restricted to the high content of vitamin C in them; oranges are also a good source of beta carotene, a potent antioxidant that prevents free radicle damage, magnesium for blood pressure, potassium for cardio-vascular health, and thiamin for converting food to energy. It is also rich in dietary fiber and contains in folates, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, riboflavin, vitamins A, E and K, and phytonutrients. Here’s a breakdown of some of benefits of oranges.


  • Folates in oranges helps prevent birth defects and is good for the heart.
  • One orange provides about 7% of the daily requirement of potassium needed of the body.
  • Pectin found in oranges helps suppress hunger and is therefore beneficial for dieters. Dieters are also benefitted by its fiber content.
  • Oranges are excellent to remove phlegm and clear the congestion in the nasal and chest passages.  
  • Oranges are an effective diuretic and laxative, helping in flushing out toxins from the bladder; it also cleanses the stomach and intestines and is good for indigestion and flatulence.
  • Oranges help in healing of cuts and injuries as well as in the management of skin conditions.
  • In addition, orange peels are used to clear, detoxify, and tone the skin and have found widespread use in skin care products.
  • Oranges strengthen the nerves and can help combat stress.
  • Oranges can be effective in fighting venereal and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • The efficacy of oranges in relation to cancer is being researched.

Orange pith benefits

The orange pith which we discard while eating is rich in fiber, vitamin C, and pectin. These help in reducing cholesterol levels, treating diarrhea, enhancing the immune system, and healing ulcers. Similarly, orange peels are also beneficial to health and orange zest is widely used in cooking.

Submitted on January 16, 2014