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Cervical Cancer Diet

Cervical cancer also known as cancer of the cervix, affects the cervix which is the narrow lower portion of the uterus. Cervical cancer progresses very slowly and in most cases women are not even aware that they may have this type of cancer. In this type of cancer the cells on the cervical surface start changing gradually from normal to abnormal and sometimes these changes disappear without any treatment. However if the changes are pre-cancerous, immediate treatment has to be started to stop this cancer from advancing. This stage of the cancer is also known as dysplasia.
Studies have shown that vitamins and minerals play an important role in reducing the incidents of cancers and hence an appropriate cervical cancer diet becomes a must for people who are suffering from this disease as well as those who want to avoid such cancers. Vitamin E plays a vital role in fighting cervical and other types of cancers. Therefore including good sources of Vitamin E in your daily diet is very important. Foods like safflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, cold press sunflower, nuts (especially almonds), whole meal bread, whole grain cereals and green vegetables are good sources of vitamin E which can be included in a cervical cancer diet plan. Raw foods are always better as compared to cooked foods because cooking reduces some of the nutritional values in food. Very often important enzymes and vitamins C, B and E get destroyed in the cooking process. Essential fatty acids also tend to become unstable when food is cooked at high temperatures. Since there is a strong relationship between a good diet and cancer, eating the right foods can actually help prevent cancer. Fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables which are rich in vitamins A, C and E are good examples of foods that help prevent cervical cancer.

Cervical Cancer Foods to Eat, Avoid

Women who suffer from cervical dysplasia always have lower levels of folic acid in their body as compared to normal healthy women. Folic acid can be given orally in tablet form to such patients but it is also important to have good natural sources of folic acid in the daily diet which can help in fighting cervical cancer. Foods like citrus fruits, nuts, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, potatoes, turnips, fresh orange juice and bran are all rich sources of folic acid and hence must be included in a diet for cervical cancer patients. Other than these foods an anti cervical cancer diet should also include yellow orange vegetables, multivitamin supplements and foods which have rich content of beta carotene and Miocin. Beta carotene can generally be found in carrots, spinach, broccoli and eggs while Miocin can be found in milk and whole grains. Cervical cancer foods like seaweed, garlic, mushrooms, yeast, Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, asparagus and grains contain the mineral selenium which can help prevent cervical cancer. However, selenium containing foods should be consumed in limitation as excess selenium in the body can cause side effects like hair fall and also affect the nervous system. Vitamin E and selenium taken in combination under medical supervision can increase the production of anti-bodies in the body and being good antioxidants, they can help fight cervical cancer. Therefore including foods that fight cervical cancer in your daily diet not only helps you prevent such cancers but also helps in stopping these cancers from progressing. Foods that cure cervical cancer should be included in your diet throughout the day. Doctors suggest that adding nutritious and colorful foods to all three meals in your daily diet can be a big help in preventing cervical cancer. An effective cervical cancer diet can be formulated as follows;
  • Breakfast can comprise of cantaloupe, orange juice, granola and yogurt.
  • For lunch you can have vegetable sandwich made of carrots, zucchini, mushrooms and red peppers tossed with some cheese.
  • A good dinner option would be whole wheat pasta cooked with chicken, spinach, tomatoes and black beans had along with some tossed salad containing grapefruit pieces.  
Following a healthy cervical cancer prevention diet not only helps you steer clear of such cancers but also gives your body the strength to overcome such diseases. Fruits and vegetables contain chemical compounds called Flavonoids which provide effective protection from cervical and other forms of cancer. Flavonoid containing foods that help cervical cancer prevention include cranberries, apples, Brussels sprouts, onions, asparagus, lettuce, soy, spinach, lima beans, broccoli, black beans, cabbage and garlic. Folate is a water soluble B vitamin which helps in lowering the risk of cervical cancer in patients with HPV. Folate basically helps ensure that HPV infections don’t occur in the body again thereby reducing the risk of cancer development. Folate rich foods like chickpeas, lentils, fortified breads and cereals, Romaine lettuce, avocados, strawberries and orange juice are a just few examples of cervical cancer foods to eat regularly. On the other hand the list of cervical cancer foods to avoid includes fried foods, processed meats, sodas, orange peels, refined sugar, pickled and smoked foods, transfats and foods that contain acryl amide such as potato chips and French fries. These foods help in the progression of different types of cancers and are also responsible for problems like obesity which can further increase the risk of cancer. Some important cervical cancer diet tips which can help in preventing cervical cancer include;
  • Drinking aloe vera juice regularly. Aloe juice contains high quantities of amino acids and vitamins which help the liver in preventing the development of carcinogens from toxins in the body.
  • Avocados contain vital phytochemicals which help in destroying pre-cancerous cells. Therefore eating one avocado a day is very beneficial in preventing cancer.
  • Green tea capsules and astragulus capsules strengthen the immune system and help the body to fight cervical cancer.
  • Turmeric tablets also help in suppressing cancer cells thereby preventing cervical cancer.
However it is advisable to consume these anti cervical cancer foods under the supervision of a doctor to avoid any other health problems or side effects.
Submitted on January 16, 2014